Wednesday, February 20, 2008

To Get Mad, or Laugh, That is the Question

Leave it to kids to make us stop and look a the lighter side of life. Here is an experience I had this morning that made me do just that.

So it's been one of those mornings. Kids are recovering from huge chunks of lack of sleep, it's raining again, a major bummer after the nice weather we've enjoyed, the phone has been ringing off the hook and I have a huge order due by the end of the day. Whew, and all this before 10am. Tyler made it off to school in one piece and Tanner and I came home so he could rest and I could get some editing done. Things were moving full speed, but smoothly. I had to be to my dad's office by a specific time, so I could catch him in between clients and give him some information.

The time to leave was quickly approaching when I heard the washer buzzer go off. I had five minutes and figured that was the perfect amount of time to move the clothes to the dryer, grab Tanner and go to the office. When I left the family room to do the laundry, Tanner was playing with his blocks on the floor. Upon my return to the family room to collect Tanner and the car keys, Tanner was no where to be found. I knew he hadn't gone into the back of the house with me so he must be.... OUTSIDE! Normally this would be no big thing, but when we have any significant amount of rain, our backyard accumulates HUGE MUD PUDDLES! I walk to the side of the house realizing I have about one minute to get out the door... and find Tanner laughing hysterically as he run through a puddle that's about 1/2 way up his leg. As I held my breath, observing the situation taking in my time line, his muddy mess, and the pure look of joy on my son's face I was faced with a choice: get mad, or laugh. It took a minute, but I took a step back, and laughed:)
Not only did I laugh, but I got the camera.... I realized that his time line is well, he doesn't have one, and moments like these are so precious, and life is too short not to enjoy these muddy moments! So I got some snaps, grabbed the little man up in my arms, in turn getting myself soaked and stripped him down. Just for the record, when I took off his shoes, two smaller puddles formed on the ground.

After changing Tanner, I ran back to clean myself up so we could head out. As I was pulling a new pair of pants on, I heard the back door open. NOOOOO, I yelled as I ran down the hall pulling the pants all the way on as I ran. Well, Tanner is a fast little critter. As I made it through the back door saw a glimpse Tanner rounding the corner, and before I could say anything I heard a loud splash. While this time I didn't find it as humorous, I did grab the camera for proof of my morning.

I left this morning to meet my dad, with 2 pairs of wet shoes, 2 pair of wet socks, two pairs of dirty pants and shirts, one wet jacket, not to mention my wet outfit, and about 25 min. later than I wanted, lots of fun photos for the scrapbook, and one great story to remind me sometimes there is more to life than time lines and schedules. Sometimes we all need to have some fun in the mud.

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Michal said...

loved this post! when you heard the back door the second time, i said out loud, "oh no!" the little stinker. good thing you kept your head about you! that's hard to do when you are running late.
i guess you probably had more laundry to do after this incident? that kind of stuff always happens to me when i've just finished my last load!