Saturday, February 16, 2008

Shopping Victory!

Warning: This post will show mild vanity.

Late January I went out with some friends for the evening. It was around that time when it was raining and it wouldn't stop here in Sac. As I was getting ready for the evening, attempting to look nice, because I was going out without the kids, I realized that I didn't really have a winter coat. Mainly because I've never really needed one. I am definitely a sweatshirt girl most of the winter, or I move very quickly from the car to the building, again not worrying about the cold too much because it's normally not that cold. Anyway, this late January night I decided that I should invest in a nice coat precisely for nights like the one I was about to go out on. So that weekend I started my search.

I get pretty picky on things like this, and I wanted to buy just the right coat. I started basic online searching, but nothing was jumping out. I had a basic idea as to what I wanted so I wanted to be patient until I found it. Then, late one night... it appeared.

I avoided looking on for sometime, because I knew I would find something and be sadly disappointed when I saw the size of the price tag. But I thought maybe I could find something I liked, and then find it somewhere else at a cheaper price like craiglists or eBay. So I proceed to the Nordstrom site and I found it! And it was on sale!! I couldn't believe it. I quickly clicked on the link to add the coat to my shopping cart and... oh no. I couldn't believe it. They only had the coat in size 1x and larger. You've got to be kidding me. Well, maybe I could still find the coat online elsewhere. I search and I search, but not even EBay carried the coat made exclusively for Nordstroms. I was so bummed. I called the 1-800 # just in case their online store was wrong, but sadly, it was correct. I had them check all the stores - IN THE NATION!, and nothing, the coat was gone. I figured I would check back every once in a while in hopes that a return would be posted online and I could snag that. So every day, a couple times a day, I'd jump on the site just to see if someone had returned the beautiful coat. Nope, nothing.

Then, one afternoon with little to no hope, I checked one more time for the coat. And what was this? Is there really one in another size? Oh my, there was... my size. Well it was the wrong color, but I figured I could live with that, so I ordered it immediately. Happy with the find, but disappointed with the color, I had my coat. The next morning I logged on to make sure the order went through. As I went to log in I noticed again that there was a change on my coat's page. I thought, what the heck, I'll check it out just in case. AHHHHH, my coat, in my size, and my color... quickly I called in to exchange the order. The phone rep. informed me that there was only one in this size, so they couldn't guarantee that I would receive the order. I was so anxious I kept thinking, 'then stop talking and complete my order before someone else orders it too lady.' The order was completed and the wait was on. 24hrs later, the site confirmed it had shipped. I still couldn't get too excited until I had the coat in had, but the anticipation was building. Late yesterday the door bell rung. I wasn't expecting anyone, who could it be.... MY COAT.

I am happy to announce, it's here, it's the right size and color, and ladies and gentlemen, it's beautiful.

So, someone call me quick, let's go out so I can wear my coat before it gets too warm outside :)

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Michal said...

when's date night? we're ready!
great coat. i love the thrill of the hunt and the sweet taste of victory!