Saturday, May 15, 2010

Watch out.... he's on the loose

Tanner has been asking for some time to take off his training wheels but there is always something not allowing us to from our health to the weather we have had to put it off for sometime. Last weekend the sun was out, everyone felt good, so we headed out to the empty parking lot next to our house and let him go. Actually I was pretty worried and made him put on the knee guards and elbow pads and gave him warnings continuously as to what might happen when he gets on without his training wheels. I told him he might fall, I told him there might be blood, I tried to give him as realistic point of view as to the possible outcome and how we need to be brave and get on and try again blah blah blah.

Well that was a waist of breath because literally the first time he started off Eric realized he wasn't even holding him and just let go and off Tanner went. Just like that he went from four to two wheels and he never looked back. It took him about 3 more minutes to learn how to jump off when he was falling and I am happy to say there wasn't a single drop of blood or tears the whole afternoon. In fact it has been over a week now of him riding with two wheels and there still haven't been any spills. Oh sure, I know there will be many to come, but I'll take this skin-knee free time gladly.

Part two of this awesome bike filled Saturday happened on our way home from Ty's morning t-ball game. I love garage sailing, but rarely have a chance to go out. I was in need of one thing so I thought I would drive around the neighborhood to see if anyone was out selling stuff. As I drove up our street I noticed a bike on the curb with a sign on it. It looked about Ty's size and so I pulled over to see how much they wanted. To my surprise the sign said free. I looked at the bike thinking it must be broken or really used or something. But it was just the opposite. The bike looked like it had been used maybe twice.
It was the perfect size for Ty. I couldn't have been more excited, and Ty was bouncing out of his chair! So while Tanner learned his new skill Ty hopped on his new bike and flew around the parking lot. And Austin, well he was happy as could be scooting around on his little car making noises the whole way. It was a perfect Saturday afternoon.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Just Becasue

With everyone feeling better Eric wanted to do something fun this weekend. So Friday night when he got home from work he set up the tent in the backyard, just because. The boys love camping so much, even if it is just in the backyard. And boys weekend always means a good time is on it's way. (Just a side note, I stayed warm in my bed all weekend because I really enjoy my sleep and wanted to take full advantage of this weekend.... I mean, I wanted to let the boys have their time.)

Eric pulled out their mattress, so he didn't have to blow up the air mattress which I thought was a good trade. They had a blast jumping on the beds. And why not take advantage of the fun and have a little wrestling match too.

They ran in and out of the tent all night even though it was a little chilly outside. I thought for sure they would be in before 10pm snuggled together on the couch, but I was wrong. Eric left the tent up all weekend and they had another sleep over Saturday night. Unfortunately a storm made it's way into town, so the tent came down, but I have a feeling there will be many more backyard sleepovers this summer. In fact, Eric is already planning the next one which will be held on the trampoline.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our New Family Joke

From the beginning of this year our family has been hit hard with bad health. Mainly just colds and ear infections, but it has been non stop. Our typical family phone call starts with, 'We saw the doctor again today.'
Maybe it seems longer than ever because it never happens all at once. No no, that would be too easy. Instead it passes slowly to one member of the family at a time. Sometimes we actually get anywhere from one to three days of good health, and then it takes someone else down. I have been blessed to miss almost all of it, although the two times I have been infected I have gone down hard. The boys really have taken the brunt of it. We have had ear infections aplenty, pink eye, a nasty chest cold that keeps me up as night as I fear one of the boys will actually cough up a lung, the flu, or something like it and Austin kept us all on our toes as he went and had an allergic reaction to medication that the Dr. couldn't control.

Good times, good times. We have spent more in medical bills in the last 4 months then I have on all three of my pregnancy combined.... and I haven't even had this baby yet. We are doing our part to keep Kaiser of Roseville well funded. But really, I am so blessed with good doctors. Especially our kids doctor. She is wonderful and I love her. She has gotten to know my family better than I had even hoped, and with each visit I grow to appreciate her more.
I just pulled up my pictures to see what I missed out on posting last month, and I was saddened by the lack of photos I had, but realized not much happened last month other than movie watching, snuggling, and resting in bed. But right now we are on the up and up. Austin is just getting over (fingers crossed) the last of this stomach bug he has and Tanner and Austin go back to the doctor in two weeks for our final decision on tubes for their ears, but other than that we are hoping this will end our ill fate and we can return to the world as the full of life family we are.
We have a busy May so I am getting my fingers warmed up as I prep to post lots and lots of fun things that we have planned. We will looked back on the beginning of 2010 and laugh some day as we recall how many load of laundry we did, trips to the doctors we took and the many creative activities we did with our sick little ones and how grateful we are for each day of good health.