Friday, April 2, 2010

Keep Those Eggs Coming!

After we hit the hunt in the morning in GB we came back to Roseville for a picnic with the ward at a near by park where they also had a hunt for the kids. This one was a little more relaxed and the kids knew how many they could get, so there was no stress or strategies involved for me. I actually just sat in a blanket and watched the fun unfold before me. It was a beautiful day and I loved just soaking up the sun for a while. I say that now as I look outside my window and it is grey and overcast and the wind seriously sounds like it is going to knock my trees down! I wish I could go back to last Saturday. Oh well, I'll look at the pictures and pretend I was there again.

We have another hunt tomorrow (weather permitting) and of course the big one at Grandma and Grandpas. That bunny is a tricky one, but brings the best candy! Can't wait to share the findings with the boys!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Flash Backs to good times at my Jr. High

When I was a little girl I remember doing awesome Easter egg hunts at Cavitt, which became my Jr. High School when I was older. Who knows how good the hunt really was, but when your a kid... anything is fun, right? So anyway, they are still doing hunts there yearly and Eric and I always seem to remember it the week after it happens. They typically do theirs a week earlier than everyone else does. But this year, we remembered and I am so glad we did. It was really fun. They had a bounce house and alpacas and firetrucks and the Easter bunny of course. The place did fill up by the time we did the hunt, but before that, we had very few other kids there with us.

When we got there, Tanner made a bee line for the alpaca. Big surprise, right.

Austin got a balloon and that is all he needed for the rest of the day. He was so in love with it, it was cute.

He wasn't as thrilled to meet the bunny. Very curious, but not much excitement at all.

Ty on the other hand was having a blast rocking out with the bunny. He got right in there for all the song and shook his booty like it was going out of style.

Eric and Austin even got in on the movin' and grovin' when the hokey pokey came on.
But Tanner, he choose to stay with his new friends the alpacas from most of the morning.

Then it was time for the hunt. We called Grandma down for some back-up. My mom and I are both super competitive even over things like this, so we tried to prep the kids as best we could as to strategies to get the most eggs. Ty was taking none of the advice and just wanted to do it his way, and when I did the count down for Tanner to start, he started screaming, 'I don't want to do it!!!' and basically refused to pick up eggs. I did grab a few for him and he caught on at the last second before all the eggs disappeared. Ty did pretty well. Eric said the little kids group was scary as they had parents, apparently worse than me, who scooped armfuls for their kids and Eric just had to grab a few and get out for safety reasons.
We looked to see if we had the golden tickets, but we had no luck with that.

But the experience was a blast and the kids had such a good time, it was all so worth it.