Tuesday, February 26, 2008

One of those weeks!

Have you ever had a week where you have run and run in circles, actually accomplishing a lot, but feeling like nothing is done? It's one of those weeks for me. And it's only Tuesday! Actually somehow my week started last Friday, and it folded over to this week. Eric's schedule at work is such that he doesn't always work M-F, sometimes he gets a day off during the week and works Sat. instead, (that is a whole other frustration of mine, but I'll talk about that later) and so was this week as well as last. I don't even know was that triggered the dark cloud of gloom that has parked over me. I know I had a lot to accomplish this weekend and actually got a lot of it done. But it seemed every task came with something extra that I wasn't expecting, whether it was 5 extra phone calls, Tanner didn't napped for 4 days now (he's not even 2 yet, he can't be done with naps, right?), missing two main ingredients for a dinner I was making for a friend, or just the kids being kids... it all added up to grumpy Saturday night for me - and yes, you should feel sorry for Eric, it was that bad. He's so good to take care of me though. Then Sunday came, and while it was 20 times slower than my speed I had been at the two days before, which was so needed, it was still really full. Hoping that this week would start out better I quickly found that I was wrong. Melt down #2 happened yesterday after I realized I can't control everything and I also couldn't have all results go my way. That is never something fun to realize. There was more to this post, and I tried to wrap it up with a happy ending, but as I preview my post to make sure I had everything down right, it froze, and for some reason it didn't auto save 1/2 of it, so now, I'm not so inclined to put a happy spin, because incidents like that just keep happening no matter what I do. So maybe, just maybe by the end of the day life will be better, and I can finish this post, with the nice happy spin put on it. But for now... this post is purely me venting, and I don't care!

(By the way, for those of you who don't know me well, venting things for me, especially when I write them down, helps a lot! It gets weight off my shoulders so I can move on, so don't be scared by this, it's just venting :) )

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Michal said...

sister, i feel your pain! call me if you need some help. i know how tough those weeks can be.