Sunday, July 4, 2010

Keeping It Outside

Still taking advantage of the weather, I had my dad cut out some small boards for the boys to have and do some painting. I made them strip down to their underwear, even though the paint is 'waterproof' I don't believe it. They dove right in.

Tanner just went for it, no plan in mind. He enjoyed mixed the colors and seeing what different shapes he could make. Ty was a little more specific on his picture as he started to make a rainbow. Austin even had a board with some paint, but most of the paint just ended up on his legs and he was done within about 2 minutes from when we started. He did however become every interested in what the boys were painting and wanted to a; add to their painting using his own creative eye, which did not sit well with the other artist, or b; step on the boards which cause all sorts of tears and pushing as the older two tried to save their artwork. I didn't want to stop the fun, but didn't know how else to keep Austins attention, so I filled up the pool for the little guy to keep him out of his brothers hair. It worked, kind of. As soon as Austin jumped in the pool, guess who wanted to join him? T & t. Ugh, so much for prolonging the painting experience. I asked the boys if they wanted to finish and they said no, they were done. As the boys jumped around in the pool I didn't want to waste all the paint so I flipped to boards over and started painting myself. I am no artist, unless it is on the computer or behind a camera, so I really had no plan for my art. I just had to use the rest of the paint that was in the bowls.
I was impressed with the results although I have no idea what I am going to do with them. Maybe I'll flip them back over and use the kids original paintings for a fun addition to my walls.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Simple Welcome, Happy Days

I have never been a huge fan of our entry way, cause I have never done anything with it. I love walking up to a persons front door and being in love with their house before ever stepping inside. It doesn't have to be fancy, just welcoming. But I just can never find anything I like, unless it is in the Pottery Barn catalog, in which case I cannot have it because I would rather buy my family groceries for the week rather than buying one welcome mat, let alone the rest of the decor which is so appealing. So I have lived here for 4 years with no decorations and no one to blame but myself. My dad is always great at decorating is porch (and when I say decorate, he's not all Martha Stewart or anything, but he likes to get a wreath or a door hanger.... pre-made mind you, and replace the current one hanging there already.) He always has something new and seasonal adorning his entry way that lets you know you have arrived at the Dicus house. So I had to laugh a few weeks ago as I called him on his cell and he mentioned he was in JoAnn's. 'Ummmm, are you lost Pop? I know you aren't sewing a new set of knickers for yourself, or scrapbooking your latest robot creation, so why are you there?' I was just really confused. Not the normal answer of Home Depot or the auto store that I am use to getting. So when he calmed my fears by letting me know he was grabbing some 4th of July decor I could only smile knowing next time I went to my parents house, there would be new things waiting to greet me.

The following week I was at JoAnn's myself, which isn't as uncommon as my dad's trip, but I was there for some fabric for something I was throwing together, no big thing. But I was there at one of those awkward times where I didn't have enough time to go to another store, but if I went home I would have to turn around in 10 minutes to go pick up Ty. But if I left the store right then I would be about 15 minutes early to pick up Ty and would have to sit in the car. I hate times like that. So I decided to stay and walk around with Tanner and Austin who both seemed content to just look at all the little things in the store. While strolling around the store, looking at nothing in particular, Tanner found this little frog that was going fishing. It was actually really cute, and he just kept talking about it. I asked what he wanted to do with it, and he said put it outside to look at. That was all I needed. The wheels started turning and I was off shopping again. The frogs had these perfect spring/summer colors and every turn I made, there was something else I could use to put together my creation. It came together all to perfectly, and I couldn't have been happier with the results. So now when you come over, it might not be a Pottery Barn entry way, but it is definitely a Lawrence home entry way, and I hope it puts a smile on your face like it does mine every time I come home.

DISCLAIMER: Handsome Man doesn't come with the display and isn't always present, but sure looks hot when he's there.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eating While In The Air

Why eat inside when you can eat lunch on the swings? There has been a nice change in the weather and the boys are once again living outside. We occasionally have lunch on the trampoline or the patio, but just to keep it exciting (like it is ever boring around here) the boys wanted to eat their sandwiches on the swings the other day. Why not right?

Well, Austin wasn't really swinging as much as just leaning on his swing, but as long as he is with his brothers, he is happy. He just has to be one of the boys.How can you not love that smile?They really did a great job of eating, which isn't always the what happens if they are outside, say on the trampoline which in that case half of the food ends up bouncing around with them.But as long as they are having a good time, everyone is happy, and you just can't beat that.