Friday, November 21, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So wow. Three is a lot. In many ways it's easier and then I tried to take all three out in public today. I wont be doing that again any time soon believe you me. It might not of been so bad, except it was the Dr.'s office and that's just too small of a space for all three boys and a parent who's trying to be attentive. But I am loving all the snuggle time I am getting with little Austin, even if it's at 3 and 4 in the morning.

This yucky cold just wont go away and it's really nasty, so that has been a major bummer at the Lawrence house. Unfortunately Eric got a cough really bad with his version of what's going around to the point where he couldn't even run his marathon he's been training for. He was so disappointed. He has another one in March I think, but it's still a bummer.

I have not been a good mom/photographer and taken pictures of my little one like I want to, but here are the few I have and also some fun ones of his older brothers.

Other than that, I think life is getting back on track. I can't believe November is almost over, I feel like I've missed out on a whole month!!! Hopefully December everything will be set and we'll be able to hit the ground running. Here's to hoping.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Austin Robert Lawrence

Sorry I've been gone again, but lots has happened.  October was full of Halloween fun and we loved it!  Unfortunately Halloween day Ty woke up from his nap with a horrible cold.  A cough, a runny nose, the whole 9.  Needless to say the night was not as full of trick-or-treating as we had planned but the boys did get a few houses in and then had a big night sleep.  The rest of the weekend was centered around making sure Ty was okay and had plenty of rest.  Tanner of course followed suit, not nearly as bad but he sure went from a 10 to about a 4 and they moved at about half speed for a few days.  Then Tuesday morning started our big day we had been waiting for for 9 months.  It was 6 am and I was getting ready for my weekly networking meeting when I felt a cramp that was a little stronger than anything I had felt up to that point.  I didn't want to make a big deal about it because you just never know, but as I sat there and felt that same pain in about 5 min. intervals I thought I might mention to Eric to get the kids dressed just in case.  He got right on that, and by the time he was done I suggested he get in the shower and we should probably go to the hospital.  I finished drying my hair and we were off.  We got to the hospital at 7 and they had me check in and then just left me there for about a half hour to make sure I was really in labor.  I know they have to do this, but the whole time I was thinking, if they don't get me my epidural soon, I am going to have the baby o-natural like I did with Ty and that was so not okay with me.  Finally they check and said, "oh yep, you'll be staying with us." Duh!  Into my room I went and I luckily got that wonderful drug at about 9:00.  Relief washed over me almost instantly and I was ready to finish it up.  My amazing Dr. came in shortly after and said I was going to have my baby in about 20 min.  And sure enough, about 10 min. later we were ready to go.  After 3 big pushes the room was full of laughter as my 9 lb 6 oz baby joined us.  The laughter was because of his size.  It really is incredible thinking about something that big being inside of me.  Austin was 20.5 inch long and a cute chunky baby.  We came home 24 hours later and everything was perfect.  He is a wonderful baby and we are so happy that he has come to be apart of our home.  I'll take some better photos soon... as soon as I am done with my turn of this silly cold that we are still sharing.  But until then, here are some pictures from Ausitn's first day with us.