Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm back

Oh my goodness. I thought for sure after the 15th I could breath again, but apparently, life got even crazier. Wow, it's good to breath. Things are still vibrating on a very high frequency around here, but I think it's under control enough that I can re-devote myself to blogging. I have soooo much to write about, but unfortunately I have some photos that I still need to edit, but I knew if I at least got one entry up, it would again help me feel the need to keep it up.

Here are some blogs topics that are coming soon:
  • The latest on my weight gain :)
  • My trip to CO with Eric
  • Girls Camp - that's crazy
  • And my lastest obsession that is taking over my life, my thoughts, and I am so stinkin' excited about I'll save it for last cause it will give me that much more insentive to talk baout the other things. Ohhhhhh, I'm so excited!!!!!!
So here's to the blogging world, it's good to be back.