Sunday, February 24, 2008

Handmade envelopes

Eric and I were talking well, debating about how with all the advances and conveniences of technology we loose some of the personal touches that have been around for years. This topic came from a statement my mother made over Sunday night dinner as to a prediction or commentary she had heard somewhere regarding all the email and texting that the world has adopted and how it allows us to communicate without ever talking to one another. While I appreciate the convenience of being able to shoot a text or email to Eric to remind him for example to bring something home after work, rather than bothering him with a phone call, I saw her point more clearly when Eric and I discussed letters. Eric is all about email, all the way. I on the underhand still love getting my holiday, birthday, and just because letters from my Grandma or other individuals. I still think there is something special about finding something other than a bill when I open the mail box. A letter addressed just to me.

I feel if you take time to write an actual letter, it's something extra. And I found this new way to wrap that letter because--nowadays a real letter is too precious for just any old envelope. A homemade envelope is the finishing touch for that special note and great thing to do on a rainy day. Here are two easy ways to do it.

1. Use a small purchased envelope as a template, unfold it and trace the envelope's outline on a large magazine page. Cut it out and fold it up, gluing the edges with a glue stick to secure. A seal makes a pretty addition too. The best magazine pages to use are those with big, dramatic pictures. It looks nice to use a paint pen in silver, white or gold to address it, gives it that dramatic touch. I used a white-out pen on this one at left and it worked well.
2. Using a paper lace heart doily fold a pretty envelope around your note and glue as you would an envelope. Pretty and romantic for that special thought.

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