Saturday, February 9, 2008

I'm hooked

I've started blogging and I can't stop. So I know it's only been 24 hours, but I love it. I can't wait until I feel it's been long enough so I can write my next blog, and people wont think this is all I'm doing all day:) A few hours is long enough right? Just say yes so you don't totally burst my bubble.

Today was so beautiful. The sun has been out for several days and the temperature has been delightful. There still is a crispness in the air, but it's so clean and refreshing it's a welcome change from all that rain and gloom. My mother and I enjoyed a nice lunch out on the patio while the boys rested. Then later this afternoon, when they boys got up they rode their bikes up and down the street and then outlasted every last sun ray while jumping on the trampoline. This has to be one of their favorite things. Tyler loves to have Tanner chase him round and round until the both fall down from exhaustion or a collision; most the time ending up in rolls of laughter and they start the whole thing over again. It was a nice change of pace from an otherwise exhausting week.

Prior to my fun day in the sun, I attended a worldwide leadership training broadcast for my church. The theme of the meeting was "Raising up a Righteous Posterity." I came away feeling totally uplifted and energized! It was largely based on "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" Elder Boyd K. Packer read the Proclamation and discussed it in details. I can not encourage you enough, if you have the chance, to see this broadcast or obtain a copy of it.

Elder Boyd K. Packer said "The things we won't do, we CAN'T do!" It was said in the broadcast (I think by Elder Boyd. K. Packer) that the only place our families will be safe is in the ordinances of the gospel. There is so much evil in the world that it's tempting to be afraid. But we also are told "Live the gospel and you'll be all right!" There is so much joy to be had and if we can't put our trust in the Lord and His commandments, in whom can we trust?

Then Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, Elder Dallin H. Oaks (both in the Quroum of the Twelve Apostles), Sister Julie B. Beck (General Relief Society President), Sister Susan W. Tanner (General Young Women President), and Sister Cheryl C. Lant (General Primary President) discussed, as a panel, ways we can strengthen our families. It was done in such a loving and respectful way that it was so fantastic to listen and learn. They gave so many wonderful insights that I can apply in my life today. They are so wise and loving. It was amazing to be able to essentially "Sit at their feet" and be taught by such wonderful women (and the wonderful and amazing apostles as well).

There was wonderful discussion about marriage and ways that we can strengthen and improve our marital relationships. Sis. Lant talked about how so often in our Society when there are problems in a relationship, there is much talk about which of MY needs aren't being met, instead of saying "How am I not meeting the needs of my spouse? How can I improve?". Who is not guilty of this? Families are central to the Creator's plan for His children, and I think the marriage relationship is vital to the success of a family. Some advice that really stuck out to me was from Elder Holland (I believe) who told us that we must look FIRST to each other in marriage when there are problems. Not first to your parents, or first to your siblings, or your friends. Look first to each other! What great advice that it!

Another great quote that I'll have to remember was from Sis. Lant who said "It's not about who's right. It's about what's right." I consider myself on the stubborn side. Trust me - so is my husband. It could be very easy to get caught up in "who's right" if we wanted it to. And it has on the odd occasion. LOL! But trying to live correct principles, based on love, respect, understanding, and humility, we can always agree on WHAT'S right in the end. I really loved that quote and plan to display it somewhere I can see it regularly.

At the very end, our new Prophet, Seer, and Revelator, President Thomas S. Monson, spoke and gave us three guidelines to establish in our homes for raising a righteous posterity:

1 - A Pattern of Prayer
2 - A Library of Learning
3 - A Legacy of Love

Sister Lant was reminding us that of everything we do for our families, the most important thing we can do is LOVE them!!

I am always trying to find new or improved ways that I can be a better wife & mom so that I can continue to do my very best. This meeting really inspired me to try even harder to do even better! We can always do better. I'm not very eloquent when expressing my feelings, so all I can say is that this meeting was truly AMAZING!!

A couple of my favorite quotes from the meeting:

"LOVE is what you go through together." ~ James Therber

"It's not about who's right. It's about what's right." ~ Sister Lant

As the brethren and sisters pointed out - we do not all live the "ideal" circumstance, but the Lord's plan is perfect and we need to always be working towards it in the best way we can. After all - isn't that what we are all doing? The best we can? I know I am - in all my imperfection.

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Michal said...

i loved the broadcast too and felt that it was well worth the time sacrificed on a saturday afternoon. i left with so many impressions of changes i want to make in my own life or in my family's. and i loved that the panel discussion included such inspiring women.