Friday, February 8, 2008

Time Management... What's that?

As it is rapidly approaching midnight, I find myself wondering how do women do it? I am constantly at awe with those women I see who appear so on top of it, and I know so much is there that I don't see, but how do they do it? I have no problem giving myself credit for the full plate of things that I do regularly, but many others have that as well.

One of my favorite object lessons is one where you have an empty jar. You take some rocks and fill the jar all the way to the top, until no more rocks can fit. No more room, right? Then you take a large cup of sand and pour it into the jar full of rocks. Amazingly the sand can fill all those places that the rocks can not fill, and once again the jar is full, but with both the sand and the rocks again leaving it with no room for anything else. Finally one pours a cup of water into the jar with no hesitation finding that there is yet room for one more thing, even though it appeared full, without any room for one more thing. Now the empty jar contains rocks, sand and water.

I can only hope with careful planning that one day my life is truly as full as that jar. Right now I struggle to fill it pass the rocks. I stumbled across this site online and it was nice to come up with fresh ideas and new in site to doing more than just being a good mommy. While I am blessed to stay at home with my kids, juggling work from home, housework, mommy-ing and wife-ing is a challenge. I want to commit myself to consistently adding one more thing (one thing at a time) to my day. I give each item as much time as it needs to become a habit and an easy "to do" on my daily list. Maybe it will become just a do, without the list:) Hopefully this way everything will find it's own spot in my day filling up those empty places in between the rocks and making each day that much more accomplished and living everyday to it's fullest.


ttisageea said...

It's Terry Seely here. I found your blog through Noelle's. One more lesson I heard about your jar was to put the big things in first! You are a great wife, mom and friend!

ttisageea said...

Me again! What I meant to say was to put the most important "the big things" in first! I'm new at this also!! T