Wednesday, December 29, 2010

4 really does equal that much more

4 equals:

  • more laundry
  • more things to do
  • more smiles
  • more laughs
  • more pictures
  • more fun
  • more things to blog about..... some day

I am still alive... I promise. I had no idea how much busier life would be with four. And he is just now mobile, I am worried what life will be like when all four are full speed.

I have been delaying my blogging cause I want to keep things in order but I can't seem to catch up. But the big thing was I ran out of space to upload my photos and they want me to buy more. I will finally give in to that... grrrr. I wonder if I could get it all caught up before the new year.... it's a goal worth shooting for. Because while we are go go go around here, there is a lot of blog worthy things that happen on a weekly basis with four boys that I really should get on.

So if I hit my goal, here are some things you might see in the posts:

Broderick's birth (kind of a big one, I really should do that one first)

Birthdays.... there have been a few
the great flood...
a few home made crafts, in all my free time

And of course, Christmas.

So let me go finish up my laundry, the dishes, vacuum, place a photo order or two and get the kids showered and I'll get on this right away. 2.5 days to get 5 months of blogs in. Ready, set, GO!