Saturday, February 9, 2008

Super Simple Candy Holder

I found these adorable candy holders online for Tyler's valentines party at school this year. They are SUPER EASY!!!!! It's just a few folds and glue needed!! First, start out with a square piece of paper (I used cardstock...but I I have used thinner paper before and it works okay too! Just depends on how sturdy you want it). The size of the square will depend on how big you want the treat holder in the end. For mine, I started out with an 8 x 8 square and I think it was a good size for the treat holder. ya go:

Picture_037_4 Picture_043_3 Picture_044_2

Picture_050_5 Picture_053_2 Picture_057_1 Now for some yummy treats!

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Life At MandyLand said...

Hello I like your Blog... I'm not sure if you remember me I'm a friend of Michals you took My daughters pics at preschool the little red headed terror... I'm sure you remember now ..LOL anyway I hear we are going to be neighbors I move to your street March 1st I will have to find out which house you are we can get the kids together...