Sunday, August 16, 2009

This past week has consisted of wrapping up our summer schedule. We have one week off then Ty starts school! I can't believe he's going to Kindergarten already. I am so excited. Many of his friends started school last week because they are in various districts around here, and all the moms have talked about the tears, or almost water spillage, but I am tear free and bursting with excitement. Oh, and Ty is too. So I've taken a little time off from work to get ready for school and this fall, and catch up on a few items of business that have been lingering or needing finalizing, but I did manage to take some pictures for friends this week, because lets be honest, when does work really ever stop?

I finally made it over to my friends to get some pictures of her new little one born last month. She is beautiful and while it was a quick shoot, we got some great candids with her and her sister too.

Then I made it out to the other little Austin's house for some fun outdoor pictures. He wasn't super happy that morning (I think it was nap time) but we got this great picture and I love the background. I think I'll try to stop by again next week after he has had a nap for the day and get a few more pictures because if this is what he looks like tired, I can't wait to get some with his after he's rested.

But what would a week worth of pictures be with out one from my own home right? I caught Ty just hanging around this week, smiling and toothless. My 5 year old has grown so much, he is a wonderful help around the house. The biggest problem we have with him is getting him to stop laughing long enough to eat his dinner or fall asleep at night. Silly boy. But seriously, if that's the worst he's got, I'll take it every day!


Alexis said...

i can't believe he's starting kindergarten! he's going to be a little ladies man too! :)

Ashley said...

I've been playing catch up...Austin is such a cutie! Can't believe the bear story-- I would have died. I absolutely am terrified of bears.

The Dolloff Family said...

Hey, I know the your friends too! Dr. Roberts was my principal while I was teaching.

What a beautiful new baby they've welcomed to the world. They're such a nice family! They look very pleased with their new bundle of joy.

Great pictures!