Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten

The Three Steps To Kindergarten

Step One
- 1 backpack
- 1 pack of tissues
- 1 water bottle
- 1 apple sauce & spoon
- 1 big box for glue and crayons
- 1 pencil box hand decorated by Ty
- 1 pair of scissors
- 1 rose for the teacher
- 2 bottles of glue
- 4 glue sticks
- 10 #2 regular pencils
- 1 extra sparklie pencil
- 10 fat markers
- 10 skinny markers
- 12 colored pencils
- 24 crayons

Step 2
Family Love
- hug from Mom and Dad
- hug from Tanner
- hug from Austin
- hug from Anya and Shtiya (the dogs)

Step 3
Make it to school
- meet the teacher
- make new friends
- give two big thumbs up because....



The Dolloff Family said...

What fun! He is such a cute boy -- all grown up & ready for school. I like the shot of the school supplies...especially the decorated pencil boxes & applesauce snack. You're such a sweet mom. He's gonna love kindergarten!

Eric L. said...

You're keeping track of Tyler's grade is school and getting emotional, and I'm keeping track of what sports league he's in and getting all teary eyed. :) I can't believe he's in school, or that he's on his first sports team!

Nicolette said...

Eric, you are a dork. But I love you. And for the record, there was no getting emotional over on my side of the line...