Friday, August 14, 2009

They got it right!!

I had this Time Magazine delivered to us some time ago and thought the cover story looked intriguing. But with many things that come into my life, the time to actually sit down and read it disappeared. So I shuffled to magazine off to my mother because I knew she would find the time to read the story and give me a quick review. I knew she wasn't a huge fan of the magazine because she felt the views are typically heavily weighted on one side. Regardless, she took it and read. The results surprised me. She came back with rave reviews and astonishment at the contents this article possessed. Interesting.

So now, again, sometime later, I am just getting around to reading the article myself. I too was astounded by the findings from liberal, single women relating to the traditional two-parent family. How could a bunch of liberals decide that divorce and single parenting are a detriment to our children? Well, here's how. They studied the facts. And you know what? God was right. Two-parent, stable homes are the best for children. Who knew?
He did. And sometimes mainstream press gets it right. Read the article for yourself and let me know your thoughts.

Is There Hope for the American Marriage?

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