Friday, August 7, 2009

One, Two, FIFTEEN!

So Little A is walking all over. It varies from just four steps and a tumble to turning around and watching him walk across the room. I've officially counted up to 15, but the novelty is wearing off (pour third child syndrome is already kicking in) just kidding, but I only count once in a while, and everyday it's more and more then sometimes it's none. After a few weeks of this, I figured I should document the event before he turned 9 months old. Of course, it wasn't his best night, he was much more interested in playing with the camera than walking for it, but you get the idea. Next milestone.... a simple lay-up. HA

Also, his crawling is very impressive as well. He'll spot something, decide to get over there, barrel his head down and take off. Zoom, he gets there soooo fast. I'll try to catch that too, it's really funny to watch.


Alexis said...

your kids have super genes! I couldn't imagine my kids walking that early. I just realized I haven't called you back yet, I'm a loser!

Michal said...

every one of those boys has been an insanely early walker! i'm glad that you documented this to back up what will one day be family folklore. they won't be able to accuse you of being a crazy mom who remembers everything wrong.:)