Monday, August 31, 2009

A Fountain of Fun Friday

We had a great weekend. On Firday we had plans to have this big bbq with a bunch of friends, let the kids go swimming and just have a good time, but the day of everyone got sick. Suddenly planless we scrambled for something to do. Sometimes it is painful trying to plan something, either because it's too far away, or it's too much money, or things just don't fall into place fast enough. Well this was turning out to be one such an evening until I remembered something fun. The Fountains (a local shopping center) hold free concerts each Friday night during the summer. I love this place. Most of the stores are way about my spending limits, so I don't even dare walk inside of them, but the atmosphere of the area is so fun and the kids had never been there, so off we went. The weather was perfect, the kids were wonderful and Eric and I enjoyed just being together.

All three boys loved the fountain in the middle of the square. They thought the mist was so cool. And as it became dark the light turned on in the water which was 'freakin' awesome!' (which is one of the new favorite phrases around our house.)

Then Tanner spotted the giant moose. It was all over from there. He loved it. He talked to it, petted it, cried when we left it and pleaded with us to take him back to it all night long. Austin met the moose too, but wasn't as impressed as Tanner.
They also found a small pack of wolves and Ty rode a butterfly.
There was dancing happening as well and I am so bummed that I didn't get a picture or movie of it because I was holding Austin. But they had a teacher who taught the crowd the dance to Thriller. Ty actually got up and learned it, and was really good! He was one of the smaller little guys out there, and totally held his own. I was really proud of him. And about 10 min. after that when everyone was dancing on their own, we looked around trying to find Tanner in the crowd. He was no where to be found. The panic started to make my insides tighten with fear when I saw a little guy on stage. Guess who, yep, it was Tanner. Go figure. Shaking his booty. You weren't suppose to be on stage, so when he saw Eric walking over to him he took a flying leap into the crowd and landed on the ground. He is going to be such a fireball when he gets older. Oh wait, he already is. And Austin, as always, was a perfect little baby all night long.

Happy kids make happy parents too. So overall we had a wonderful spontaneous, cost free night with more priceless memories to add to the Lawrence collection of family fun. This weekend.... the fair!

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