Thursday, August 27, 2009


Austin is getting so big. He walks everywhere now, and if he falls he doesn't loose momentum as he finishes his goal of getting to where ever he is going with a "jungle boy" type crawl. Too cute. He loves to kick a ball. It's fun to watch because while we are at Ty's soccer practice, there's little Austin on the sideline kicking a ball almost half his size. I'll try to grab a picture of it next practice. But his main love in life right now is food. All kinds of food. He'll eat and eat, and normally I have to cut him off in fear that he'll get a tummy ache. Along with that we have been teaching him signing for several months now like we did the other boys. We always start with signs associated with food. With Austin the first two signs have been food and more. Recently I started to add in done and water. Once he is consistent with those we'll add in please and help and keep going from there. While he isn't signing the signs back yet, at least not without help, he sure knows what they mean. Today he was back in his room playing and I was in the kitchen making lunch. I called out to him and used the key words food and more, and he came flying out of his room right into the kitchen, sat at my feet and started clapping his hands (another super cute thing he does that I need to catch on film, wow, I need to make a list!). When I put him in his chair with his food on the tray he just went to town. If he keeps eating like this, he's going to be huge!

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Alexis said...

kicking a ball...seriously? your kids have supergenes!