Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Creativity is the Name of the Game

Today was one of those days when we did very productive and creative things. After I had accomplished a bunch of work for my photography before Eric went into work on his half day I needed a change of pace, so out came the paint brushes. The kids and I started by painting the fireplace. I'm normally not brave enough to let my kids help me paint something inside, but I figured with the ledge that would also be painted, there wasn't much harm in letting them help. The fireplace was a dingy grey color and since we had painted the walls a warm cream some time ago, I couldn't help but notice how out of place the color on the bricks looked. I was hoping to have it painted a color slightly lighter than the walls to make it pop, but as this was a no cost project, I had to use whatever I already had on hand, which was limited. I played it safe and matched the color already on the walls. The kids only lasted about 5 min, which was perfect, and the whole project only took about an hour. And I love the results, I just wonder why I hadn't done it sooner.

While I finished, the kids explored their creative side. Apparently our little pools out back have no appeal to the boys any more because they have resulted to buckets. It's a tight squeeze, but apparently does the trick. Who knew?

The I attempted to work some more on recovering my couch. This is a huge project that has taken me two years to even start because I didn't know how to start. It's coming along okay, it's just a lot harder than they make it look on the home network station on TV. I quickly gave up because I really need to do it when I'm kid free.

So I went back to the paint can. Along with the couch that had taken years to get started on, my living room has also been longing for a fresh coat of paint, and I'm going bold. Eric and I tackled this one and we have 1 and 1/2 walls left, so I'll show you the final result tomorrow, but it's looking.... blue.

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Eric L. said...

I feel really bad that we don't have a pool for the kids to swim in. They are a little too big for the year we should fill up the trash cans from the city.