Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pizza Pizza

What a fun morning we had!!

Ty's preschool had a field trip to Round Table Pizza and the kids got to make their own pizza... their favorite!!
This picture is my favorite with Tyler taking a little taste of the sauce while the lady wasn't looking. He is totally Eric's son.

After the fun time we drove over to the park with some of the other kids from school and hung out in the GORGEOUS weather we are having. It was so calm and relaxing... I love days like these.


Tanja said...

How fun! Love the new header...(needs a small spell check)but who cares about stuff like that?) It looks great!

Nicolette said...

it wouldn't be me if it didn't have a misspelled word. thanks for keeping an eye on me :)

Lindsay Brummer said...

can i tell you how much i miss round table pizza out here in arizona? your blog is cute : )