Friday, January 30, 2009

Foto Friday

I got behind on my blog again dang it, so here are photos that sum up my life this past week.

Saturday night was Family Date night with our friends. Six families went bowling and out to pizza for the night. We had a blast. We put the kids on two lanes and the adults on two lanes. The funny part was 1/2 the adults lost to their kids. I think Ty actually scored the most out of anyone under 25.

They had these cool ramp things for the kids to roll their ball down. I wanted to use it too, but Eric wouldn't let me.
Ty literally just threw the ball from his chest and then ran all the way back to watch how many pins fell down.
The group took up 4 lanes, but it was a blast.
Even the littlest two, Austin and Anders, who are 2 days apart, they had a good time too.
I can't remember what was going on when I took this picture, but it's cute isn't it.
It was probably a follow up to this....
E took the kids outside to play with glow sticks. Apparently he also figured out how to make them into earrings. I think he looks good.
Of course Ty wanted to be just like Dad.

On Wednesday night Austin, Luke and Austin got together again...oh yeah, and my friends Diana, Noel and Alena, as we all had dinner together at Diana's. It was super yummy and fun to all get together. You'd think living by each other we could see each other more, but schedules are busy as we all know. I think we are going to shoot for a once a month GNO though. Hopefully it works, I love hanging out with these girls.

Then this morning you would have thought it was Halloween at our house again, but it wasn't. Ty had circus day at school so we dressed him up like a clown. My mom actually sewed this costume for my sister when she was in elementary school. Tanner wanted an outfit too, and I had this turtle costume and he was jazzed. I couldn't not take pictures. They looked too cute.

It has been a great week for pictures :)

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Alexis said...

could there be a cuter more animated clown? You girls all look sooo good after having babies!