Friday, January 9, 2009

He asked for it

Vacuuming is a constant chore in my house. It's one of those things... like the dishes, that I just have to have done regularly. I'm not perfect at some of my other chores, but I do get the vacuuming done. The boys love it when it's time to vacuum. Normally the run from it or jump over it or have some kind of game they start playing when I get it out. Then every few weeks or so I move the everything out of each room and do a full vacuum job on the house. It's at that time I vacuum all the stuff under the couch (how does so much stuff get under the cushions by the way?) and do the baseboards etc. Ty and Tanner love to help me with those parts because we use the hose and the attachments to clean it up and they can both handle it.

Well, the other day it was vacuum time and they really wanted to help. So I let them clean up with the hose under the cushions and around the fireplace. After that I started in on the floors when Ty asked... "can I vacuum the floor too?" I was about to say no when I thought, why the heck not? So I taught him how to hold it and go back and forth and he looked right at me and said ever so seriously, "I know how to do it Mom." Oh, okay then. But I did need to show him how to not vacuum the cord and off he went, and he LOVED IT.
He asked about three more times that day if he could vacuum again. I said no because I didn't want the magic to fade. I think my days may have just gotten that much lighter. Who knew.

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Michal said...

yay for having kids take over a chore! i just taught kimball and henry how to load the dishwasher after dinner and they love it. i'm sure that it will wear off, but now that i know they can do it, the chore will not go away!:)

let me know when tyler starts doing showers and i'll hire him!