Sunday, January 18, 2009

Monkey See Monkey Do

The other day I was quizzing Tanner on things like his ABC's and numbers, in English and Spanish, and all those other fun things I like kids to know which helps validate my feelings of being a good mother. Then I asked how old he was because he's been working on adding in the half - two and a half. When I asked him how old he was he thought and thought then with total confidence he proudly announced "FOUR".

"Ummmm, no Tanner, Ty is four, how old are you? "
"No mommy, Ty is two, and I AM FOUR."

"Tanner, how old is Austin?"

"Austin is a baby mommy."

"Right, and you are two and a half, and Ty is four."

And this is the picture I took later that day as Tanner was proudly walking around the house in his underwear- like Ty and his friends wear, and vacuuming, just like Ty learned how to do, because he is four.

But above all my silly goals and mile stones I set for my kids, I am always reminded of the most important and rewarding part of being a mother. I just go back from a primary board meeting and this quote was given by Elder Jeffery R. Holland which said "May God bless you always in your sacred opportunity to help save the children of this Church." Whoa- that's big, but so exciting. What an opportunity I have been given in raising my three beautiful boys. And as a mother my role is crucial to their upbringing.

"Mothers, you are instruments in God’s hands, with a divine responsibility to teach and nurture your children. Little ones so need your kind and loving hand. As you put them first, He will direct you how to best serve them.

"All of you with older children are needed in your homes. Yes, there are frustrations, but there are lots of joys. Look for them! Having raised four industrious sons, I learned a thing or two about being an instrument: Enjoy the energy of these years! Make your home a safe, happy, relaxed place where friends are welcome. Listen, love, share your stories of your childhood and teenage years with your children.

"Have expectations for your children. We had a curfew and told our sons that the Holy Ghost goes to bed at midnight. When they didn’t come home, a few times the Holy Ghost told me to go out and find them. That surprised a few of their dates! We laugh about that now—but I must admit, laughter comes easier as they have grown older.

"Be there for your children. Sit on the bed and enjoy the late-night talks—try to stay awake! Pray for the Lord to inspire you. Forgive often. Choose your battles. Testify frequently of Jesus Christ and His goodness and of the Restoration. And most of all, let them know of your trust in the Lord."

Bonnie D. Parkin, “Sweet Moments,” Ensign, Nov 2005, 107

Oh... well I didn't know this is where this post was headed, but I guess after a long week, this is the kind of post I needed. Sometimes it is hard being around the amount of energy I am all day every day. And trying to have my kids fit into my adult world upon occasions when they are only children. But the little moments are what makes it all worth it. The sweet hugs and kiss I just got from the boys as they bounded off to bed and the sweetness in their voices as they said 'I love you Mom' was a priceless moment that I would give half the world to have again. And the fun things we create and do are memories that will stay with us for a lifetime. And knowing that in the end, the hard times will only make us stronger and closer as a family makes our trials a little easier. I know I have a long rode a head of me... but I look forward to every moment.

Mothers teach their children to dream - that which is possible.

Motherhood - The Highest and Noblest of Work in this Life!

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Michal said...

beautiful post, nicolette. it is so important that we remember that this gift that we have been given of motherhood wasn't intended to be easy. but we have such a great opportunity if we do what is hard to find it pay off in countless ways. hard doesn't equal bad. and it usually comes with the greatest rewards.
you are doing a great job.