Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Austin's BIG day

Sunday was a big day for our little Austin. It was his two month old Can you believe it's already been two months!! Eric blessed him at church in the morning. He wore the same little outfit the other two boys wore. I can't believe it went on all three boys and survived. Putting any baby in white just spells out dooms day. But it made it and of course he looked grown-up.

Funny side note: he's sitting on my lap right now as I'm writing this and he just let one rip and it was so big it seriously shook the chair. lol

Anyway. So after church we went to my parents for our weekly Sunday night dinner, which as always was so yummy - thanks mom. And as I was in the kitchen after dinner making some cookies with my sister Eric yelled from the other room "oh, he did it!" Austin rolled over. WOW. He kept on doing it all night too, although it took me all night to finally catch him doing it. It always happened right as I looked away. But when we got home I caught it on tape. So here's the proof.

He's getting so big and is the biggest joy. He's always smiling and snuggling... I love him.


Jaye said...

Good job The Rock!

Ashley said...

So cute. He's such a big boy already. Calli just loved going over there yesterday. When we left she just stood at your door and asked for the baby! Looks like he's a keeper. Especially to her!