Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back to Basics

2009 is the year for change, so everyone says. I decided to change some things for me and my family this year too. My 2009 mantra is back to basics. Now, this concept started to become very complicated in itself as I was thinking of all the ways I could simplify life and all of a sudden I didn't like it any more as I felt too over-whelmed by being basic. I'm weird I know. So I have made it more specific and I would like to focus on food. Yes- food is one of my favorites. Last year my mom introduced me to several new food techniques such as canning and jam making and I just loved it. I have also found myself making more and more things at home from scratch -and they actually turn out really good. I am no chef yet, but I definitely found a new little seed in my life and I'd like to nurture that seed this year and see what blooms.

I recently received a bosch mixer and it's so pretty :) Funny how appliances become just as exciting as new clothes at a certain point in your life. I can't wait to start making bread with it. My mom and I have our gardening plans for the year in the works and almost completely ready. This month I am planting at least peas, onions, lettuces, spinach and rhubarb with more to come in Feb. and the months to follow. We are doing potatoes in tires and a strawberry patch. Hopefully I'll be able to pick some strawberries before my kids get to them all. I can't wait to start dehydrating fruit in the summer... yummy! I found a cool little yogurt maker online which I might invest in and if life gets exciting maybe I'll make a greenhouse for all my little veggies. There might be plans for some fruit trees but I haven't gotten there yet in my thinking.

Then there is the more daunting task of food storage. That one is a big one but I'm already on my way and hopefully by the end of the year I will not only have a years worth but be a pro at using what I have and replenishing my stack of stuff. So in a nut shell, by the end of the year I hope to be back to basics in the department of veggies and grains and be well feed.

The great part is my kids are totally into it too. Ty loves helping me make dinner or cookies or whatever it is I'm trying out in the kitchen. Tanner gets into it too and help my dump the ingredients into the bowl. He always runs into the kitchen yelling "I doomp, I doomp" as he scoots a kitchen chair over so he's tall enough to help. Yes, the messes are bigger and a few times I have had to dump the entire batch of whatever out and start over due to little hands helping a little too much, but it's so enjoyable having them in there with me. Who knows, maybe next year we'll get some chickens and goats - ha - as Eric laughs from behind me.


lex said...

K I'm loving your mantra and so jealous that you can already plant stuff! Do you have a backyard that big to plant everything? I get homesick when I read that stuff since it would be so fun to live by eachother and help plant eachothers gardens! At least I can probably recruit Mason to help me this year! :)

lex said...

oh and ps. I'm equally loving Austin's mohawk! :)

Tanja said...

I'm so happy you're joining the cooking world. It really is wonderful. I make my own spaghetti sauce. I love making soups, which is a wonderful thing to love if you have a garden and are trying to get into food storage. Beans make fabulous soups and store forever. If you have salt & onion(which you can dry & store),maybe garlic, you can do anything! I say let's get together for a cooking night. It's been about 3 years now that we keep saying we'll "get together alone" but it never happens. This is it. Let's do it!