Friday, September 26, 2008

Safety First

Today I took the kids to a safety fair in Loomis with Ty's preschool. Other than the fact that it was soooo hot today, we had a blast. We met our friends from school up there and right away the boys had an agenda; to do and see everything! After getting our 'slow for the cone zone' tattoo we ran down the hill to ride the train before the line got too long. Our conductor was a crazy driver, but I don't think the kids even noticed. After the fun ride the kids played with bubbles, went fishing and ended up at the gymnastic center they had laid out. Right in the middle of flipping and rolling and crawling a CHP helicopter landed right on the field about 100 yards from us. The boys got so excited. Ty threw on his shoes, grabbed his friend Alex and they were off running. Tanner took a little longer to get his shoes on but once the shoe was on, he wasn't far behind the pack. Ty and Alex where the first two kids to make it to the helicopter while the swarm of people filed in behind them. Tanner wanted so badly to get in, and was very disappointed that you could only look from the ground. Frankly, I was glad he couldn't get in. Knowing my kids, they would of figured out how to make the propellers go round or hit the eject button or something. It could happen.

We then had lunch and played at the park. It was a nice break for mommy to sit and eat in the shade. On our way out Ty wanted to crawl up into the tractor they had on display, but once he got to the top of the ladder he decided it was too high and climbed down. Tanner then shimmied on up to the top, sat in the driver seat and had a nice long chat with the helper there about the big tractor and working on the roads and some other stuff I couldn't catch. Finally I convinced him to come down so we could see the next thing. Even though the tractor seat seemed too high, Ty really wanted to go in the PG&E truck bucket thing that they would lift off the ground high into the sky. I thought for sure he'd chicken out before it was our turn, so I said sure, why not. When it was our turn next I asked Ty if he was sure he wanted to go really high into the sky. I felt his little body shake just a little and he said, 'it's really high mom. Will you be my friend and go with me?'

'I don't think they'll let me go Ty'

'Please Mom, I really want to go...' and then it was our turn. I didn't think they'd let Tanner go up in it but as I walked Ty up the control operator scooped up Tanner and said, 'Let's go chief.' I lifted Ty in and then asked the guy in charge, 'Do I have to go too?' wondering if he'd just take the boys for me. I'm not scared of heights, just anything over about 30' is not great for me.

'Sure, come on, the baby will love it.'

'It might make the baby come out.' I said.

'It's okay, I'm medically trained.'

Great. So I climbed into the bucket and held Ty's hand. Tanner loved it and surprisingly Ty did great too. I was very proud of him. We went about 50' in the air. On the way down we stalled for about 5 sec. I don't know if the guy was just trying to be funny or not, but it wasn't funny. The funny part I'm sure was watching me trying to climb out of the silly bucket. There weren't any steps inside and the bucket came up to about my waist. You watch an eight-month pregnant lady try to get out of that and tell me if you think it's funny.

We finished the day with a quick picture in the fire truck and then I was done. 100 degree heat and 2 hours later, I was done. But the boys really enjoyed their time with their friends and seeing all the cool stuff. Another fun day for our scrapbook. Tomorrow.... Apple Hill with Grandma and G.G. (Great Grandma). Wow, these kids have too much fun.

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Jenni said...

Your kids are so cute and it looks like they had a ton of fun. I can't believe what you are doing with them being 8 months pregnant. Sage asks all the time what the name of her cousins are and she want to see them. I show her pictures and she loves it. She remembers Tyler and always asks if he can play. It will be fun to see you guys next year if we all get together!