Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Being able to Laugh rather than Cry

We had a fun moment last night but more importantly we handled it like pros. A few days ago, something was happening that had made me super grumpy and something else happened that set me off (shows how important it was, I can't even remember what the basic happenings were) but what I do remember is what the direct cause of the something else... the ketchup bottle that was in my hands made contact with the sliding glass door as I walked by it, which did cause the bottle the break on the bottom. To add to the something and the something else that had just happened, the ketchup bottle was brand new and I had no where to put all the ketchup that was still in the broke bottle. Well, to sum up that day, I decided to keep the bottle, just leave it up-side-down and I made sure to tell Eric to, so it wouldn't get put back in the fridge the other way and really make a mess. The plan seemed fine and I moved on with my day, and obviously, I'm very over whatever the something and something else was.

But.......... last night Eric and I had a late dinner due to some things we had to be at in the evening and I asked Eric to grab the ketchup from the fridge. He did and as he was walking over to put some on my plate for me, he started to shake it.... like you're suppose to right? WRONG!!! The bottle still had a hole in it and in case you are wondering what happens when you shake a ketchup bottle with a whole in it, it looks something like this.

So as he was walking over I said, 'Eric you have ketchup on your shirt,' at the same time he looked down and said, 'Uh-oh. Look.' Yes there is ketchup on the carpet in the pictures. But instead of getting mad I grabbed the camera, Eric acted like he was dying and then we got to work to clean it up, and everything came out fine. I think it's because we laughed over the spilled mess instead of getting grumpy. Bonus points to us for looking at the lighter side of life.

By the way, we threw away the ketchup bottle.


Tanja said...

And the Oscar goes to Eric Lawrence!!! You guys are too funny. Moral of the story...don't buy glass bottles! I had this happen once, too.

Ashley said...

i think it would suit me better if i could laugh it off more instead of cry it out. eric's a crack up-- acting like he's dying and all. i bet you didn't have a choice not to laugh it off after that. too funny.

Michal said...

hilarious. you guys are a couple of hams. way to handle it.