Friday, September 12, 2008

Sadness Strikes

So it's been a little while due to a variety of things happening in the Lawrence house hold. As mentioned previous we've been experiencing some trouble with our computer, which is never a good thing for anyone, but worse when it is part of your business. It's made it really hard to get my work done and just been plain annoying, ya know. Well, since our first attempt to fix it didn't work, Eric took matters into his own hands. We did a full reset, clean up, wipe off, whatever you want to call it, of our computer. We spent several days making sure everything we needed was backed up and saved and pressed clear. The rest and re-install of all the programs and files seemed to go smoothly. 24hours after things got back up and running we were getting ready for the day and Eric mentioned how nervous he was to find whatever we had missed when we cleaned it off and what we didn't save. I felt confident that we were going to be okay, and a document or two lost wasn't going to kill us even if that had happened which I didn't think it had.

Later that same day, I sat down to post a new blog about the frustrating experience of being without a computer and I wanted to change the photo on my desktop too, so I opened our iphoto folder where we keep all our family photos when tragedy struck. I literally felt my stomach drop to my toes and the nauseousness was overwhelming, and no, it wasn't because of the pregnancy. Not due to anyone person, just a matter of miscommunication, the photos were gone. ALL OF THEM. A whole years worth of family photos, not saved. I was beside myself. I got a small glimpse of how one must feel after experiencing a fire or flood in their home. It's a horrible feeling. It took well over an hour for me to calm down and I got really practical about the situation. They are gone, they are just pictures, and I still have my family and everything else that I own. Lesson learned. Move on.

After all that my mom and Eric got right to work though and found out that we have a slight chance of recovering them through another company. Granted it's $400 but it's priceless memories that we'd love to get back. Christmas, birthdays, family visits and trips, yup, it would be worth it. So until we exhaust all possibilities, pray for success because I don't want to move on :( But there is no use doing anything until we get a final answer. I'll keep you posted.


The Philpott Family said...

Oh my goodness. Nicolette - the exact same thing happened to me like 1 year ago. We never recovered ours and it was 3 years worth of pictures. I had a few saved in random places. We were switching computers though and it was a total accident, but I was really mad for a while. Good luck. Oh - I keep wanting to give you my blog too - it is Let me know if you want to view it, I have it highly blocked and will have to add you to my list of viewers. Noelle

Ashley said...

Nicolette- I am SO sad for you. How frustrating! First the computer and then the photos...I had a memory card that had tons of photos on it from several trips to the coast and us hiking Half Dome and such on it-- I lost it. The great news was though that several weeks later, I found it! There's hope for you... I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Jenni said...

Nicolette- I am so sorry you lost all your photos. I sure hope you are able to get them back. I would freak out if our photos vanished. Your boys are so cute. You are such a great mom and are always doing fun things with your kids!

Eric L. said...

I take complete and total blame for this. :(