Monday, September 22, 2008

One down (well out) One to go

Back in April my boys were being boys and ended up having a major collision which ended with Ty's teeth meeting Tanner's head. It was bad. Blood, tears, the whole nine. Then, to make matters worse, the exact same scene played out two weeks later. Poor kids. We took Ty to the dentist just in case, and he confirmed our fears. The hit was hard enough that it made them loose and the roots became loose too. Frankly he was surprised they were still hanging on. It's now been 5 months and we hadn't thought much about it again until this morning. It was 8:30 and we were getting ready to leave in 5 min. for preschool. All of a sudden Ty ran up to me and said, 'Mom, my tooth hurts!' He opened his mouth and his front tooth was loose, very loose. Oh my goodness. I told him to close his mouth thinking some how that it would help and I quickly looked for the phone. Before I could even dial he opened his mouth and a little white tooth fell out. Oh my goodness again.

I probably didn't help the situation with my reaction, but I couldn't think of what to say or do. I hadn't talked to Ty about the tooth fairy and the- you loose a tooth and a new one comes in, nor could I get the picture out of my head of my little boy growing up looking silly for the next however many years. I know, that's not the important thing, but then there is all the potential teasing and nicknames that kids are going to be giving him over the next couple of years. And then, Ty kept saying 'I'm never going to get my tooth back.'

Well I took him in to the dentist after school and he said the other one will be out with in six months. We do have the option of putting in some fake ones when the other one falls out if we so wish. I worked really hard to make the situation as positive as possible and I called Grandma for re-enforcements and Dad played a wonderful roll in helping Ty feel like a big kid. He's proud of it right now and Eric thinks it's super cute. I would too, if I didn't think it was going to be like that for 3 maybe four years. Good think I'm a pro at photoshop and I can just generate a tooth for our family pictures, but until then... here is my cute toothless son.


Tanja said...

You've seen Taylor with her missing tooth. She lost hers at 2 1/2. But it really is no big deal and I get really irritated with parents that react (not you) to her tooth missing like it's so sad. She thinks it's very cool and her big brother is so jealous that she lost a tooth before him. She is as cute as ever. So no worries, my friend. He's not that far off from losing them on his own anyway and he looks so adorable without it!! If the tooth fairy hasn't come yet, then call me immediately so I can hook you up with a tooth fairy pillow & fairy dust!

Eric L. said...

What's a tooth fairy pillow and where do you get the dust?! I want some!

Ashley said...

Oh man, I feel for you girl. If it makes you feel any better Calli's totally got a gap between her front teeth and she'll have it at least until her new teeth come in. You know, at age 8 or something. Oh well. Both kids are cute, tooth issues are not. I just wrote a blog about my morning with Tanner and Calli. It was fun and too cute. Check it out.

Jaye said...

How cool is this - Now Tyler can explain to all the boys what the Tooth Fairy is, and how you get $$$! (keep the $$$ low guys - keep it low)

Michal said...

the same thing happened to my nephew. i didn't recognize him for a while when his teeth finally grew in.
ian had a similar injury a few months back and we keep wondering if he's going to loose his one of these days. then they can be toothless buddies.
and i'm with jaye. keep the cash on the low side, since you'll have a lot of teeth to pay for in the future. our tooth fairy coughs up a buck for a tooth.