Friday, September 19, 2008

The apple doesn't fall far...

Obviously Eric and I have no problem having a good time with very little as Eric so appropriately shows us all in my previous post, and it's nice to see that my kids don't have a problem with that either.

Yesterday my boys went out back to play and I had 5 min. to check my emails. After my quick computer break I went out back to make sure all was well. I had seen Ty playing through the back window, but hadn't seen Tanner so I was wondering what thing he had gotten into or climbed up on or found something completely new to do in our backyard. You just never know with that one what you might find. So I walk out back to find no immediate evidence of Tanner's latest adventure. I said hi to Tyler and asked what he was up to to which he responded, 'I'm just pulling this around Mom,' like, duh, isn't it obvious, which it was. Ty had our blue ice chest out and was doing just that, pulling it around the yard.

So I asked a less obvious question so not to annoy my four year old. 'Ty, where's Tanner?' Ty smiled and said, 'I don't know.' I would have started to worry that I couldn't find my son and his brother didn't know where he was either, expect for the little smile behind Ty's oh so innocent answer. I didn't question it further, I just stepped back and observed, and this is what I saw next.

Do you see what I saw? I thought it was a little odd that every 1/2 circle or so around the playhouse the lid of the cooler made a slight adjustment on it's own. Sometime it would even open a little. It was very amazing:) So again, not wanting to spoil the fun, I asked Ty, 'is that heavy to pull Ty, it looks like there might be something in there...' Ty just laughed and then he said, 'Oh yes Mom, it's very heavy, but I don't know why! I guess I'll keep pulling.' The laughter continued and was joined by more laughter coming from within the cooler. I ran to grab my camera and then the strangest thing happened. Something with two little eyes peeked out and looked right at me. You tell me if you can guess what it was.

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Michal said...

adorable. i'm so glad you caught this with your camera.