Monday, September 1, 2008

Look Grandpa, a humming bird!

Saturday morning I need to wash my car badly and I wasn't in the mood to eat any of the food I had in the house, so what's a girl to do? Go to her parents house of course. So I packed up the boys and since I had some errands to run as well, it was a good way to start out the day. When I got to their house, I found my mom and dad outback hard at work. Silly people, not enjoying the opportunity to sleep in on a Sat. morning, with no kids at the house. But when the grandkids got their all hard work came to a stop and new activities began. The best part of the morning was when my dad needed to replace the stuff in the humming bird feeder. He let the boys help, which they loved doing, and then they sat back and waited for the birds to come and get their breakfast. Oh the boys loved it sooo much.

The fun continued the next night as we joined my parents for dinner and ate on the deck where the boys could watch for the humming birds. We enjoyed a great meal prepared by my mom and watched various humming birds enjoy the nectar the boys and my dad provided for them the morning before. How fun. It was nice to experience the simple pleasures through my children's eyes. And what a blessing to have such awesome parents who love them so much!

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