Saturday, March 15, 2008

What a week.

Oh my goodness it was a crazy week. It started with me virtually having insomnia Monday night. That's never a good way to start the week. And on top of that, it was for no good reason. Then Tuesday afternoon, after being totally wiped out from the night before, I did what any exhausted mom would do and I put a movie on for the kids. They were very content to sit and watch. I waited for about 20 min. into the movie to make sure they were going to sit through it, and when I saw no immediate signs of boredom I took my chance to close my eyes for a min. Not 30 seconds later did a hard object hit me right below my eye. I was in shock. I opened my eyes to see a toy helicopter (the hot wheels kind) lying next to me and Tanner standing less then two feet from me with that look of, "oh no, are you hurt, am I in trouble, what's going to happen next..." on his face. I didn't know how to react. It hurt so bad, and I was trying to determine exactly where the point of contact was. It was close to my eye, but I was pretty sure it didn't hit my eye. I went to the bathroom to see if I had a battle wound in the mirror. I was able to conclude that it was going to be a big mark on my face just below the eye and there was no blood, so I was happy about that. Little did I know with in the hours to come a huge bruise would form giving me my first official black eye, or as close as you can get to the eye without being on the eye. The looks I've gotten this week have been numerous to say the least, and I've done my best to not run any unnecessary trips to avoid the curious glances. I wish I could wear a sign on my forehead that says, 'My two year old did it...' but I don't know if that's better or not.

That was Tuesday. On Thursday afternoon the boys and I had a play date at a friends house. This is a new group of friends from Ty's preschool. I know two of the mom's and the rest of the group have know each other since their oldest were born. Great group of women, and our kids have a great time together.

But on Thursday, it was being held at one of the mom's house that I was just getting to know and the other two mom's that I am friends with were unable to make it. Normally this would be no big deal, until the incident. Tyler was in the back of the yard with his friends and Tanner was playing on the patio where I was. I can't remember if he was on a bike or a skateboard at this particular moment, but something happened and he lost is balance horribly and fell, face first onto her concrete. For those of you who have had this happen you can probably recall that horrible noise that a head makes as it makes contact with the ground. I couldn't believe how loud it was. I rushed to pick him up as the screams started from Tanner. There was blood, a lot, and he wouldn't let go of my neck, so it made it pretty hard to clean him up or see what the damage was. Our hostess was kind enough to clean up the blood and get us some ice.

Somewhere in the middle of the crying and the blood I had a thought of, great, this is the first time we're at this friends house, frankly I don't know her that well, and this happens... Silly thing to think, I know, but I did. Tanner's crying started to calm down a bit as we walked out the door. I was able to see that it was mainly his lip that had been cut, and it was now the size of a dime. But then I noticed his front teeth had chipped a little. Then my really vain thoughts came out. Dang, my beautiful boy is going to look ridiculous until his teeth fall out. Great! I took Tanner to Eric's work where he helped me see if there where any more cuts. He looked okay, and we figured there wasn't much we could do until we went to the dentist the next day to make sure his teeth were okay.

Eric's comment as we left the bank was, " well great, now people are going to think that I gave you a black eye and Tanner a fat lip, what is going to happen to Tyler to make it a family affair?" Poor Eric, sorry we look like such a mess.

Final conclusion to the story is, Tanner is totally fine. The dentist said his teeth are fine and will be a little uneven, but they should naturally take care it. After almost 4 years of motherhood this is the very first moment of blood. Not too bad for a first timer. It's now several days later and my eye is much better. It just kind of looks like my mascara is smeared really badly under my eye.
By next week we should look like a normal family again.... if nothing else happens:)

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