Sunday, March 9, 2008

I Love Family

This weekend my Grandma was in town. I love her! Unfortunately since I've had kids I've come to the sad realization that she is not here to see me any more. In fact, at times I am lucky to get a hello within the first 10 minutes of her arrival. Only after the excitement has calmed down a bit from the Great-Grandkids do I then get my greetings. But truthfully, it's this way from my mom too, so I'm pretty use to it.

I wanted to just talk quickly about my love for my family. I have been blessed with wonderful immediate and extended family. While it's easier for me to keep in touch with my relatively small family, compared to Eric's 10 sibling, two remarried parents and who knows how many Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins, I've really appreciated being involved in each other's lives. The closeness primarily extends from my dad's side of the family with his mother and sister. Auntie Ann lives in KS with Uncle George and my cousin Carter, and Grandma, also know as G.G. (Great-Grandma) to the boys lives in So. Cal. We get together at least once yearly, always at Thanksgiving, and sometimes at various occasions as we can through out the year. And every other year we have our Thanksgiving dinner with my dad's aunt, her 3 children and their families. Unfortunately as children get older and have families of their own, it's harder and harder to continue this extended tradition, but I think it's on for this year. I can't wait! My favorite part of Thanksgiving is our annual game of spoons around the dinner table. There have been years that the game has become pretty intense... and yes, I've heard one year there was blood shed after the kids went to bed:) Crazy family.

It's memories like these I hold dear to my heart and treasure the times I get to see my family. Even weekends like these when my Grandma is here for just a few days are so joyful. Catching up on stories from the last time we were together, laughing at the kids, and just enjoying each other's company... who can ask for anything more. Thank you Grandma for a great weekend!

In my lesson I taught to the Young Women today at church their was a scripture in Alma 37 which states "By small and simple things are great things brought to pass". I loved this in reference to families. And to finish my weekend I have to talk about my parents.

I am so grateful they live so close and are so involved in my families life. To top of my perfect weekend, we always join my parents for Sunday dinner. This week they came over to my house. It was nice hearing the boys laugh with joy as they played with Grandpa in the back yard, while my Mom, Eric and I finished getting dinner ready. After dinner we finished off the evening sitting on the couch and letting the kids entertain us with their simple fascination and joy in blowing up a balloon, only to let it go flying as we let all the air out, over and over and over and over.....

Needless to say, my family made my weekend. Thanks guys.

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Amanda said...

Thanks for saying Hi, it's crazy who you come across in the blogworld. Your boys are adorable, and you and Eric look great! It looks like you've gotten into photography also, isn't it the best job for a mom? Anyway, keep in touch!