Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Oh no, it's back!

The craziness rises again. But this time, it's all centered around one thing... my boys!

So to start off I'd like to say that I have always described my boys as balls, big balls of energy. And they are always moving full speed ahead, always. We've had our ups and downs, as I'm sure all parents do, and I know there will always be those, so bring them on. But when it comes to basic behavior and respect issues, I feel those are fundamental, and the kids need to learn to obey no matter what the situation is. This past winter Eric and I hunkered down with the minding issue my boys where having. Nothing that we tried was working. Timeouts - useless, counting - I was not a fan, spanking - just not an option for my family, basic reasoning - ha. Luckily a good friend of mine recommend this book, 123 magic which combines counting with timeouts, and it saved us! It truly is amazing, and I highly recommend it. Eric and I were awesome at it until the boys got that horrible flu that went around and we lightened up, a lot. Who wants to discipline sick, dying kids? Getting back into has been slow, but still there. This week we will definitely be back on 100%.

But the next great issue is their behavior, mainly in public. At home or at friend's homes it's never too bad. But once we are out in a store, watch out for those Lawrence boys. A simple trip to the grocery store for a loaf of fresh bread - that's it one loaf - turns into a half hour long excursion full of chasing boys through isles, restocking shelfs that my boys have rearranged, dragging one, sometimes two kids by their shirt collars to the check out stand with them pleading for something, and it usually ends with tears, sometimes from all of us. Well, what I wrote and that might seem a little dramatic, but it's always a dreaded chore.

I just recently got off the phone with my Mom. Thank goodness for mom's. She always has an answer for everything and this time she was brilliant. We'll be trying a new game, a quiet game of sorts, and get gold stars or something as we go. I haven't totally perfected the game plan, but hopefully it will teach my high energy boys how to contain that energy for any given amounts of time. I'm not asking that they sit perfectly still while I gab with my girlfriend for a 1/2 hour, but if I could swipe my card as I check out of the grocery line, or fill out paper work with out one kid spinning circles in the middle of the isle, knocking everything over, while the other one screams to get down to do something in the opposite direction... I think I would have accomplished my goal. Wish me luck, and please, if you more experienced mom's have anything to add... any and all input is welcome. Here's to motherhood!

One last side note: I have super cute pics and movies that the boys have been doing recently. I'll post those shortly, when I'm not so stressed with them. They sure are cute though.

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Michal said...

i abhor the grocery store with children. here's how i manage:
1. if at all possible, wait and shop when i can go alone, or with one child who needs some one-on-one time.
2. if the child is 3 or younger, insist that they ride in the cart. buckled. if you have both boys, go to a store that has the "truck" carts that my kids love.
3. keep your list as brief as can be and keep moving. mine get restless if i stand and ponder the salad dressings for too long.
4. did i mention that i like to leave them at home? sometimes it's actually easier to BAKE the bread yourself rather than take everyone to the store. of course, i have four kids for double the fun, but still. you might decide you'd just as soon skip the bread or bake it yourself. seriously.
5. plan ahead as much as possible so as to avoid said shopping trips with kids in tow.
you'll notice that not many of my ideas actually alter the children's behavior. it just doesn't set them up for failure. or make me crazy.