Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The potty experience

Quick blog tonight. As many of you know I'm working tax season this year again with my dad and normally I go in to work at night when Eric gets home. Typically by the time I get home, the kids are asleep, or at least in bed. Tonight, Tyler waited in his bed from me to get home. Luckily it wasn't too late of a night at the office, so I was able to come home and kiss him goodnight. At 9:19 Ty called out for dad because he had to go poop poop. Eric got him into the bathroom. Unfortunately, this is becoming a little bit of a routine with Ty, needing to go potty after he's in bed. That's annoying, and we're working on it. Eric then came out and chatted with me a bit and we got really involved in our conversation. As we were in getting finished doing a project on the computer I hear Tyler calling from the other room. Just then Eric jumps up and says "oh my gosh, I forgot about Ty... he's still in the bathroom!" The time was 9:43. He had been in there for 20 min. and not said a word. Eric rushed in and said, "Hi buddy, have you been in here forever? I'm so sorry." He quickly wiped Ty's bottom and got him off to bed. I couldn't help to giggle at Eric's experience tonight. Next time I'll help him keep track of the time. Poor Tyler. Maybe this is what he needed to brake his new bad habit:)

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Tanja said...

You're dang lucky he didn't decide to wipe himself. That's what Taylor did more times then I can count only she didn't get the part about flush the poopy TP. She would get grossed out & wipe it on the walls, toilet seat or wherever...YUCK!