Sunday, February 15, 2009

V.Day with the Family

As many of you know I am not a fan of Valentines Day. I vented about how silly I think the whole thing is last year but felt my feeling might change as the kids got older and more into it. Well one year later, I still think the day is silly, but I am having fun with the kids making stuff for their friends and school and family. So on Saturday Eric had to work so the boys and I made him a giant heart cookie and took it into his office. T and t where so proud of the work they had done. My favorite part though was Tanner's outfit that day as we wore a normal shirt and pants, but then added a clip on tie and a cowboy hat. It was one of those outfits you feel you need to pin a note on the back of the kid saying 'I dressed myself'.

When we were visiting Dad we took some time outside in the parking lot. It was the local fireman's fill the boot day, where they stand on the corner and collect money. They set up home base in the parking lot outside Eric's work and had fire trucks and ambulance and they even had a helicopter. Ty was sooooo excited about the helicopter because his latest obsession is flying and wanting to be a pilot when he gets taller. Unfortunately I didn't bring their coats with me because it was actually sunny that day, but I didn't count on how cold the wind was going to be, so we only stayed for a second. I let the boys jump in to the helicopter which made their whole day.

Then we came home to make a giant heart cookie for Grandpa. Again, they really enjoyed the work they had done. Tanner was a little bummed he couldn't eat the cookie right then, but he assured himself that Grandpa would share. After naps we went to the grandparents to give them their presents. I'd tell you the cute thing we made for Grandma, but we made on for Great-Grandma too and she couldn't make it this weekend, so we have to give it to her later, but it's amazing:) Hurry up and come visit GG so you can get your gift!

Finally as kids went to bed Eric went out and got our Panda Express for the 8th year in a row. Then we ate our food, watched a movie and hit the sack.

Overall, for a day that I use to roll my eyes at, it was a great day.

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Eric L. said...

Just dropping by to say that I love you. I'm not a big fan of V Day either, but our anniversary is only two weeks later and that day is definitely a favorite. :)