Sunday, February 22, 2009

Is he three yet?

Tanner is 2.5 and so good at being the typical 2.5 year old kid. I can only hope that it all changes in May when he turns 3. It will change right? It does get better... right?!?

I love him to death and I know he's ALL BOY, but oh man, this kid is something else. Good ways too, he is the cutest little guy you'll ever meet, and very out going. He loves to ask what your name is, what you are doing and if he can pet your dog. He is a wonderful help with the baby and loves his little brother and gets so excited with our daily plans even though most of the time it's the same old stuff. He does not like to share a new toy with his brother, be told to get off the chair, counter, or whatever structure he has climbed onto (he has no fear of heights) and he wont stay on the timeout chair for all 3 minutes. He normally makes it to about two minutes and then he "slips" off. This week was a particular challenge due to some major lack of sleep which never helps anything. I'm hoping tonight will bring good sleep and a fresh week. We are 66 days away from 3 hopefully we can make it!

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Diana said...

Well, nicky, I'm getting caught back up on my sleep, so if you need any help...