Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sunny CA

I am loving today. The sun is shinning, it's actually warm outside and life is good. Normally rain doesn't bother me, but for some reason this last storm did. It was, as Tanner called it, 'a yuck rain'. It really was. Big rain drops that came at you sideways most the time, and it was COLD. The kind of cold that you have to get under the covers with your sweats still on to get warm kind of cold. It made me realize, that even though I think it is stunningly beautiful up north, I could never live in Washington. But today is lovely. After school this morning, we had lunch outside. Because the back yard is still totally flooded from the rain the boys sat on the trampoline and soaked in the sun. Austin and I sat in the door way and enjoyed the sights.

Whoo-hoo for the sun!!

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Michal said...

we are loving the sun too. and are sad to see that the rain is returning . . .