Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So many things to do... so much fun

So now that life is what it is and I am beginning to adjust, so starts the list of things I want to do and make, so here are a few of them. Not that I have a bunch of free time, and these projects are typically the cause of my melt downs due to over load, but lets face it, I'm never going to stop doing little projects, so I might as well enjoy the ones I am doing.

I would love to spend an afternoon and make some activity baskets for the kids. Sometimes I find and have great craft ideas, but the pre-time that is involved with getting them together is a lot and by the time I am done the kids have found something else and I am done with the project that we haven't even started. So if I can have stuff pre-made that would be great!
Next is a task I've been dreading just as much as I've been wanting to tackle. I have this beautiful gold fabric, that I've had for almost two years now, and I'd love to get it onto my couches, but I'm scared. On all the home improvement shows that I've watched, they make it look so easy to recover furniture... but looking at this project, I'm now not so sure. Some day I'll get brave, maybe.

I am creating a website to sell custom photo card and greeting cards. It's called Vida Dolce right now unless I can think of anything else before I go live. Now I just have to create a bunch of templates which is the super fun part. I'll need every one's help marketing it though so be prepared for an email in the near future.
I am in the middle of starting a fairly ambitious garden this year. I will be turning my entire side yard into a planting area, so in a few months if you are wanting some fresh veggies, stop on by. Right now I have broccoli, spinach and card growing and seedlings of peas, beans and squash sprouting in my windowsill. Hopefully it tastes good.

The Biggest Loser

I really want to start working out again. Not so much to loose weight, but to tone up and get my strength back. I've cancelled my gym membership because it was proving to be a HUGE waist of money, oh yeah, and I never went, so it's all me now. Some friends and I talked about doing a Sat. morning boot camp together, so that would be fun. If I could wake up in the morning I would start running again, but it's sooooo early. Eric is on a total kick with this P90X program, so if he does it when I'm home maybe I'll try to keep up with him and gain a six pack that way. Who knows what will work, but something has got to happen.
And lastly bread. I LOVE BREAD, and now I'm going to make some. My friend Michal gave me a great recipe for wheat bread and I've found a couple online that I am working with. By summer I want to be a pro at making bread. I've successfully made a few loaves this week, and a few not so good ones, but I'm making progress and they are so yummy. The only problem is I don't think this will help me out at all with the whole toning up thing. Carbs are healthy... right?

So in all my free time I'll be working on these things. Life is fun!


Tanja said...

Call me when you have veggies coming out your ears...I'd love to take some off your hands. I'll even come help you weed for it!

Diana said...

If you end up doing bootcamp, I would love an invite. I always had this idea of doing a stay-at-home fat camp, but kids make that impossible.

Ashley said...

I love where you said that your little projects turn into big things that cause meltdowns and overload-- I know EXACTLY what you mean. But you are right, if you try to cut all that stuff out, life is too boring and mundane to simply cook and clean all day, every day. The trick is balance. I am still working on that.

Michal said...

keep working on that bread--you'll get it right. i have a less-than-stellar batch once in a while, but we still eat it! and don't feel too guilty--it's whole wheat!