Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blog block

I am stuck. Nothing to blog about. Ahhhhhh. My brain is fried. Last nigh in the middle of the night. Can’t sleep. Checking email. Wondering if I should fire up my other computer and do some real work since I’m awake anyhow. Wishing I could sleep. Too late now since I have to be up in 2 hours anyway and the baby will be back up in 1 hour.

No naps today, Kindergarten sign ups at one, client calls at two, bread making somewhere in there because I'm out. Clean-up the 5 projects I started yesterday but never finished. Play with Tanner, gives loves to Austin. Ty's out with Dad for the afternoon, so that is one kid down.

Finish editing my friends photos and upload last weekends shoot, edit those, post them. Plant the seeds I started a month ago before they die. Laundry, laundry, never ending laundry - I HATE LAUNDRY!!

Taxes, taxes, can't forget those taxes. Refunds, filing, scanning, correcting, calling, calling again, please don't call me again.

No more room in my brain for creative or fun posts. I'm saving a good one for Saturday, but until then. Sleepy. Awake. Gonna do some real work. Or sleep. dunno.

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