Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Run Around Day

I've recently had, 'One of those days' and my Grandma suggested I write about it so I can laugh about it later. So no laughing right now, but maybe soon, today I'm just trying to catch up.

It all started the other day around 5 am when we gave up trying to get Ty to go back to sleep so Eric took him out to get some food. From 5 until 9 Ty went to the bathroom about 10 times. Just pee, but it was 10 times. Then he was off to school and I went home to do the daily to do list. Things went pretty well during the morning with only minor annoyance but nothing too big. Tanner pooped in his underwear, again. Why can't he figure out how to do that in the potty? Austin spit up all over my fresh outfit, and I dropped a can of peaches on my foot. That always hurts soooo bad. When I picked Ty up from school his teacher told me that Ty had continued to go potty all morning during school. That sent my mind racing. I rushed home to get on the phone with the doctor and set an appointment for after nap time.

Then I got the older two down for their naps and Austin was resting in my arms and almost out. I got on the phone with the kindergarten Ty is going to be at next year (KINDERGARTEN, YEAAAAAAA) and I couldn't find his birth certificate. Dang, it's going to be a long trip down to Sac. to get that next week. Anyway, so I was getting the last few details on the sign-up day and I was looking out the window and noticed a beautiful dog walking down the street. I thought to myself, 'what a pretty dog, (slight pause) that looks like my dog, (even slighter pause) THAT IS MY DOG.... ANYA!! I quickly but politely hung up on the lady from school, put Austin in his bed, open the door and yelled to a kid walking home from school to grab that dog. Anya waited until the boy was within an arms reach then she took off running. I started running after her until I was about 5 houses down and realize, 1- I can not catch that dog on foot, she is that fast, and 2- I have three kids in my house alone right now, I don't think that's a good thing. So I run back home, I grab, gently grab, all three kids and put them into the car. They couldn't figure out why I had them out of bed when I had just put them down for naps 30 minutes before. Poor kids. I drive after her for oh, about 15 minutes until she gives up. Just as I throw her in the car a gal from church drives up and makes sure I'm okay. I joked that I was just out for a little exercise, but how embarrassing as I am winded and barefoot. I get everyone home, all three kids and a dog and put Tanner and Austin back down for naps. Unfortunately Ty was wide awake and there was no talking him back to sleep. There goes my two hours of quiet time. Oh well.

After Tanner woke up we ran over to the doctors. After waiting to check in for the appointment in a line 7 people long we get up to the desk. Just as I give the nice lady our name Tanner starts jumping up and down grabbing himself yelling, 'I have to go potty!' Did you know a two year old CAN NOT hold it? I do, so I told the nice lady at the desk we'll be right back. After our little side trip we got back in line, only 5 people back this time. Not bad. Gratefully my mom showed up right then to help with Tanner during the appointment. Oh how lucky I am to have my mom to help me out. I seriously couldn't do it without her.

After an hour in with the Dr. we ruled out anything immediate dangerous or concerning and figured it's just muscle spasm in his bladder we top off his day with 5, count them, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 shots in his legs so he'd be ready for Kindergarten in the fall. Poor kid. I did my best to prep him for it, and he started out really well, but by shot 3 he was holding his breath and the crying came shortly there after. Poor kid. Then he had to pee again, twice.

So we ended the long day at Wendy's. The boys needed a frosty and I NEEDED a burger. A big, juicy, fattening burger... yum! By the time we got home Eric was there and the day was coming to a close. So I still don't see the humor, but maybe looking back on this will make the next day not seem so bad :)


Diana said...

I want to cry. That's how bad I'm feeling your pain. You could have stopped halfway and won the worst day award. YOU'RE A SUPERMOM NICK!!! I'm so proud to know someone that can handle a day like that. Hopefully I'll either 1) never have a day like that or 2) gain patience.

Ashley said...

Burger needed? Indeed. I'm sure you'll be glad to have documented that day for proof in the future. Way to handle it with grace.