Thursday, August 21, 2008


Yesterday was a long day. In fact this week has been very very long. It hasn't really been as packed as some of our weeks normally are, but it's been crazy enough that everything is just off. Sometimes my family or at least I get that way. It's as if we need someone to hit our reset buttons so we can get back on track. For me at least, it's my house that's driving me nuts. After getting home from camping, it's as if my little naughty elf's snuck into my house and pulled everything out of the cupboards and closets and caused clutter to pile up every where. I have actually been putting forth a tremendous effort to clean each day and while I typically have accomplished my goals, it's like the rest is so messy, what I cleaned doesn't matter. And when I move onto the next room or project those sticken' elves come back and mess up what I just cleaned. Anyone know of a good elf exterminator?

So here it is 8:30 in the morning and I'm looking around at the house, the to do list, the work list and all the other misc. things that are apart of my Thursday and it's a bit overwhelming. I found this quote a few weeks ago and wrote it on my calender, and I think it applies perfectly to this week.
So I took 15 min. of me time this morning to create this cute plaque (isn't it cute?) and I wanted to post this blog to remind myself to breath, stay calm and carry on. This day will go on and it's my choice how I choose to react to it, regardless of what happens. I choose to be kind and patient with my kids today, extra attentive to my husband and a helpful hand for anything he needs and overall a pleasant person to be around with a positive attitude and outlook on life. At least I'll try. Now I have to run and clean up the smashed banana that's all over my table that Tyler and Tanner have decided to make into an art project while I was having my 15 min of me time. At least it's just banana, it could be so much worse.

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Eric L. said...

Exterminating elves sounds a bit fun. Maybe the kids should be out of the house when that goes down.