Sunday, August 17, 2008

50 Things about me

Here is the rest of my exciting self-indulging list all about me. It's still totally random, so sorry.

26. I love love love getting pedicures, even though it tickles so bad when they scrub the bottom of your feet and 9 times out of 10 that I go, I haven't shaved my legs. That always makes me a little self-conscious but I get over it quickly. Plus, I can never get my toes to look that good on their own.
27. One of my top 5 favorite scents is Love Spell from Victoria Secrets. I also love Micheal Kors perfume.
28. I love reality TV.
29. When I was 8 years old I started my own pet sitting business and made over $500 my first summer. I was very professional, contracts and everything.
30. I don't think I'm allergic to poison oak, cause I've been around it a lot and I've never had it. Knock on wood.
31. I broke my first bone in the third grade while riding my bike down the street. I was pretending my bike was a horse, (everything can be turned into a horse FYI if you want it to) and I slipped on some pine needles and broke my left arm. Then in sixth grade I broke my nose, the next year was my toe, the next year was my left arm and wrist and then finally in tenth grade I broke my collar bone. That's all.
32. I hate shopping by myself. I'm getting better, but it makes me really nervous and I feel like everyone is watching me.
33. I'm not a big water girl, I'd rather be on the boat, or shore, or wherever it's dry unless the water is warm and then I might get in.
34. Taking vacations are too much work with kids. Fun, but too much work.
35. I love to go running, and buy really nice running shoes. I think I run faster when my shoes are new and clean:)
36. When I was eight I flew to LA by myself for the first time by myself to visit my grandma, and the flight attendant let me take a bag a peanuts and offer them to the passengers by myself and then she gave me two huge bags for me to take home and share. They were the good peanuts, honey roasted.
37. Some of my nick-names are Nicky, Nic, Muffy, Nickle, Nicky D., NED and NEL and the latest name per Eric is Dolce. My favorite nickname is Nicky D. and Dolce.
38. I am super competitive to the point of tears typically when I play checkers with my mom if I loose. It's sad.
39. I love Target. I could walk around that store for hours, and sometimes I have to bring exact cash for what I need to buy cause I can get so out of control in that store.
40. I'm not a great at whistling.
41. When I cry, my eyes turn the most stunning color of green. Of course, it's hard to notice that because the rest of my face is bright red, and usually all my mascara is running down my face which is a very scary sight, but my eye color is phenomenal.
42. I have never seen the movie ET or Top Gun.
43. When I'm in shape and take care of myself, I have great legs. In fact as a freshmen in H.S. I could squat the most weight on the volleyball team, Freshmen, JV and Varsity. I could serve the ball over the net because have no upper body strength, but the bottom half is good to go.
44. I love the rain, and thunderstorms and the smell during the storm.
45. I am a horrible speller, as those who read my blog are probably very aware of. Sorry.
46. When I'm preggers I can smell fingernails, and it makes me sick. It's the weirdest sent, and I usually have to get acrylics put on when I'm pregnant so I wont throw-up every time my hand is by my nose.
47. Everyone called me Nicki when I was born until I was in second grade and then my horse back riding instructor insisted on calling me Nicolette because that was my actual name, and it's been a mix ever since.
48. When I was five I fell into a window well full of spiders and my 8 month pregnant mother couldn't pull me out and that experience cemented my huge fear of spiders to this day.
49. At our last Lawrence family reunion in WY we camped out in my father-in-laws backyard and in the middle of our first night there, our tent collapsed on us due to a huge storm that came through. Eric and I had to run across the yard with little Tanner and Ty, then get all our sleeping gear out too so we could finish the night in the garage. Not fun. And the wind didn't stop blowing all 5 days we were there. I'm not a huge fan of WY.
50. I have a huge variety of types of music I like. Everything from oldies to country, hip-hop and r&b and I love show tunes too. The mixes I put together confuse and shock a lot of people.


Tanja said...

You're so funny. You are a horrible speller. I didn't really notice until you pointed it our. Second, you have to see Top Gun. Third, and most important, my visiting teacher has done nails for 25 years. She told me to NOT shave before getting a pedi. You are much more likely to contract bacteria if you have freshly shaven legs. Especially if you nicked your skin. It makes sense, you've just exposed all of your hair follicles. So, spread the word...GO HAIRY!!

Tanja said...

P.S. I guess I'm not so great at spelling myself..or at least my typing skills are out of practice.

Michal said...

i'm right there with you on #39 and #44. and 26 except for i'm not ticklish, but i am self conscious about the fact that i pick my toenails and they aren't very long. nevertheless, i adore a good pedicure.