Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Check me out this morning getting all crafty and stuff. :)

So if you haven't noticed, it's hot this week. Here it is 11:00 in the morning and already I'm already turning on the a/c. Yes, the whole being pregnant things is adding to it I'm sure, but that doesn't make it any cooler.

On Monday the boys and I hit the park with some friends, and even in the short time we were there, the heat became too much. So this morning I decided to pull out the craft box. We decided to make bee-noculars. In case you aren't caught up with Lawrence lingo, that would be a pair of binoculars designed specifically to find bees. It was a bunch of fun. Then we spent some time looking up info about bees online and finally we watched a Magic School bus episode I have on DVD all about Bee's. If I feel up to it when the boys are awake I found a cute bee hanging thingy that we might make if we're not too buzzed out.


Jaye said...

Corbin calls them knockers! So his uncles are always trying to find new ways for Corbin to say: I like binoculars!

The Jimmy Harry Family said...

you always have the cutest ideas. Hope you are feeling well with baby. See you in a couple of weeks at the preschool open house.

Michal said...

look at you! that's homeschooling!:)