Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Lawrence First

Eric and I both grew up camping with our families. It was a past time that we both really enjoyed. When we were married I decided to make Father's Day centered around a camping theme each year so that we could outfit our family in the outdoor necessities for camping. Well, we're still not 100% there, but we're closer and we decided to take the plunge this past weekend for the first time and try out our gear. I am especially proud of our tent that we purchased last year. It's pretty. I think I spent about a month picking it out. It has the main dome then two rooms off the back and a covered porch. Did I mention I loved it.

Anyway, about the trip. We took off on Friday after Eric and I got done working to meet two other families up at Sugar Pine by Tahoe. We made it up there in time to have dinner with our friends and set up our tent while there was still light outside. That night we did s'mores and enjoyed the very nice weather. The boys love sleeping on the air mattresses and surprisingly enough actually did a descend job sleeping. The rest of the weekend we hit the lake, the kids rode their bikes, played ball and got very very dirty. I know getting dirty is apart of camping, and I'm really okay with that..... but, this dirt was that soft dirt, so no matter how carefully you walked it puffed up all around you, plus my kids had to put their hands directly in the dirt every 2 min. Tanner was literally black all weekend.

To finish the trip the boys went on a dinosaur adventure. They've really been into dinosaurs lately so my dad cut out two bones out of wood and we buried them under our tent so when we packed up we went digging for bones. They both found one and they were so excited about them, they held the bones the whole drive home. It was cute.

For our first time out, I think we did pretty well as a family, although we could have never done it without the help of our more experience camping friends. Thanks guys! But now, we know we can do it and I hope to make it a family tradition. Overall we had a blast!

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Michal said...

i have to say that our kids enjoy camping as a family more than their parents do. it is a lot of work to camp with kids-- but it is worth it because of the good times and memories made.
and camping with kids is all about the dirt.:)