Thursday, June 26, 2008

I know I can dance

Wednesdays are so fun! Last night I watched my summer tv show 'So You Think You Can Dance,' and it was amazing. Normally there are only one or two numbers that I love but last night, oh my goodness last night was awesome. I loved every single number. I wanted to post a video of my favorite, so here are 8 videos for you to watch. Just kidding, I'll only do three:)
This first one is with my favorite guy in the competition. I've loved all three dances Joshua has done so far with his cute partner Katie, and I'll probably post the previous two routines soon, but here is the one he did last night. It was the samba. Wow!

Here is my favorite girl. When Chelsea auditioned in Salt Lake, she preformed a Latin ballroom routine, and she was so stinkin' sexy it was amazing. She did so good last night doing a hip hop routine. Loved it!

Okay, last one I promise. This next one is Eric's favorite girl. She comes off as a total sweetheart, and I love that in her routines, she can't stop smiling! Too cute.

Tonight they are kicking two off. I don't know who yet because I can't watch it until Eric's back from the gym, his rules. What a great season so far. After each show, I want to get up and as Ty would say, "shake my booty"! If you missed the show, come on over, I have it on my DVR.

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Our history said...

I thought I was the only one who loved this show! Glad to know you like it too!