Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's Hot Hot Hot!!

Oh my it's hot! Sometimes when it's so hot it's hard to find things to do with the little ones. It's either play outside in the pool or find something inside to do. This week the boys got pink from being outside too long... on Monday, so that meant going outside wasn't an option for a few days after that. Movies are always fun on hot days, but there is a point where even that is too much. So after playing with their toys and getting bored with them, chasing each other around the house and finally getting crazy with feeling like there is nothing to do, I broke out the crafts. I told the boys it was time to be productive. Tyler asked, "what's 'duck-tive?" and I told him it was doing something important, so they jumped right up to the table and awaited their assignment.

I decided watercolors was easy enough so I pulled those out. Ty loves to draw, and actually Tanner does too, he had just never painted before, so he didn't last as long as his brother. Plus Tanner had more fun turning the water different colors with his brush than actually painting on his paper. All in all being 'ductive made the day much smoother and peaceful until it cooled off enough in the evening to go run through the sprinklers. I wonder what we'll find to be 'ductive with next.


The Jimmy Harry Family said...

What a great picture. I love the fact that all the paint is still on the paper and not splattered on the walls too. By the way, how are you feeling? I hope you are getting better. Stay Cool

Michal said...

great idea. i am always loathe to pull out the crafts because they can be so messy, but the kids just love them.
this smoky air is worse than last week's heat. at least we could go swimming in the heat!