Monday, June 9, 2008

No Good

I am not doing so good at this blogging thing lately. Sorry. It just seems after the hours of work spent on the computer the last thing I want to do is spend more time on the computer blogging. I need to re-think my thinking though because blogging is so therapeutic. It's kind of like my view on showering. Sometimes I put it off just because I don't want to deal with the after math of drying my hair and finding the time to do the whole process.... uggh. But then I get in the shower and wish I could spend a whole hour just sitting in there. I don't mean to say I go days without showering or anything, it's just not something I look forward to. It's another one of those whole time management things too I think. I don't know, I'm just weird. Don't worry, I wont be too stinky next time I'm around, hopefully:)

So anyway... here's a cute picture of Tanner I took this afternoon after one of my photo shoots. I can't believe he's two! I can't believe my Tan-man is getting so big. It's fun in so many ways, and I have to admit, that I don't miss the tiny baby stage with him one tiny bit, although I'm gearing up for those "fun" days again. Tanner is in nursery, which is AWESOME and he is SO CLOSE to being potty trained. Oh happy day when that happens. I might actually get a break between diaper changes before November is here. Not that I have anything against diapers but it will be one stage I will appreciate a small brake from! Some day they will done all together. He's great at his knowing his colors and he has a bunch of his numbers down and it's fun to hear him sing his ABC's. The letters at the pauses in the song, like G and P are always emphasized with a huge grin, it's fun to listen to. I'll keep this part about him positive, but just because it was a long day with him too, he is totally two in ALL AREAS, and that's all I say about that:)

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Michal said...

i am the same way with showers. i hate how much of my time they take up. they are a necessary evil--and i do always feel better when i'm fresh, but i think they are a pain.