Monday, June 16, 2008

Fun Week

So the other problem with not bloging regularly is that so much fun stuff piles up and then there is just too much to talk about.  Here's a quick recap on our super fun week.  

Wednesday night my parents took Eric and me to see Phantom of
 the Opera in Sacramento.  I hadn't seen the performance since I was 14 when my parents took my family to see it in San Fransico.  I thought it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen.  Eric had never seen the production so I was eager to take him when I heard it was coming to town.  There is not much that compares to the score of that play.  It's so hard not to sing along with the performers, but to the much appreciated ears to the others around me, I refrained.  Eric really enjoyed it.  It was a nice date night too.

Then on Saturday I had the opportunity to shoot a 50th wedding anniversary up in Tahoe, or as Ty calls it, Lake Taco.  I was invited to bring up the whole family and spend the day up there at the parents home.  They had a beautiful home just off the lake.  The day was perfect.  Tanner went down for a nap while Eric went on a boat ride across the lake with the boys and Tyler got his first fishing lesson on the dock and caught 5 fish!  
He stayed on the dock the whole day.  

After dinner I took the family down to the shore for pictures and Eric and the boys played on the pier and in the water while I finished up my work.  We left that night with two kids who had the best day.  Tyler has asked if we can go back to Lake Taco a few times.  We might have to go visit again soon, it was so nice.

Then yesterday we celebrated Father's Day at my parents house.  I made dessert.  As many of you know I'm not a huge fan of desserts, chocolate mainly, but most desserts aren't my huge love.  So I figured if I had to make something, I'd make it fun!  I decided to make it a dinosaur cake.  I ran out of green icing, but other than that it was a success.  And I heard the cake wasn't bad tasting either.  The boys loved it!

This week looks to be full as well.  I'll do my best to keep up:)

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